Just one stupid dare

Ashley Mahone is a very pretty girl she is Austin mahone's sister .Austin will always ask Justin to hang out with him.Just one dare could change her and his life.Find out more what will happen.


5. Friend with benefit?

Before i nearly fall asleep the door open and i open my i eyes and saw justin standing there

"hey can i sleep with you tonight?"he ask innocently

"yea sure but can i ask why?"

"oh uh....."he said and just standing there awkwardly for a while so i said

"oh never mind just sleep" then he slowly walk to the other side of my bed and i felt the bed shrink down and felt a pair of a muscular arm wrap around me so i turn my head to look and i saw justin smiling with his eyes close he was so cute and it make me smile...wait what the hell i have to stop thinking about justin but he was so adorable i turn back and feel asleep with an arm wrap around me feel so safe.


Justin's P.O.V.:

I was awaken by a flash and when i open my eyes and still saw Ashley in my arm and that made me smile but i also saw Austin taking picture of us then Ashley wake up first she was a little shock but i pulled her closer so she loosen up then 

"friend with benefit now huh?or enemy with benefit?"Austin said making Ashley blush and i just smile

"uh..no"Ashley said  

"will anyway i made break fast for ypu guys if you want some its in the kitchen ,cause i'm going out with madi" he said and singing the last part

Ashley giggle 

"thx man"i said the Austin walk out of the room


Ashley's P.O.V:

when Austin leave my room i released that justin's arm are still around me and so i tried to push his arm off me but then work so i turn around to face him and he was so unexpectedly close to me our face was just an inch apart

"can you move your hand cause i need to go to the toilet"i ask nicely 

"uh no i like it when your in my arms"he said smirking of course i blushed

"aww Ashley is blushing"he said making make me feel my face hotter and i buried my head in the  his neck then he slowly move his hand to play with my hair 

"I really need the toilet justin"i mumble in his neck

"okay but you need to kiss me first"he said 

what the hell then 

"okay fine"then i kiss his check

"see done i kissed you so let me go"i said smirking

'what no i meant on the lips"he said in a baby voice

'uh uh no you didn't tell me when"

"fine" he said then loosen his grip so i could move

i walk in the toilet and brush my and went do to have my breakfast and justin  was already in the kitchen  eating bacon and pancake 


after finishing eating i remember that i have to go meet Cody so i went in my room  and change into a pink flowy dress and my favorite black shiny supra 

and i told justin i was going out will be back in 2 hour













im sorry i havent update in ages but im going to update one more today i hope you like it 

sorry i was soooooo lazy
















<3 stay beautiful <3




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