Jekyll *sequal to hyde*

Hey! N's back this time with a hole new story. He's brining along some friends to.

Stay tuned


3. Ch ~3~

 U kwon looked up at amber and slid his fingure across his next as to say you die. He nodded his head to N as two other guys grabbed his arms as they begun to drag him away.


 Amber just sat there for a bit "I need to save N!" She said as she walked out of her room and walked to the living room where her mother sat drinking coffee


"mother! I am going out to save a guy who grew wings infront of my eyes then almost died and he's almost going to die again, I will be home after dinner!" amber said 


 "okay dear, wait what?!" Her mother said


"no time to chit chat N's life is hanging by a thread!"she said before entering the elevator.


 she got out and went out side as she started running towards the woods.


 "N!!" She yelled "CAN YOU HEAR ME N?!!?" She yelled again.


there was no answer just the cruch of crisp autumn leaves underneath her feet.


 She sighed "how can I find N if the woods are so big?" 


 "You can try turning around" a voice said 


she turned slowly seeing N standing right infront of her.


 "N!" She yelled as she hugged him.


she felt sticky stuff onto her fingers, she pulled away and seen her hands where covered in blood.


Blood was dripping down N's back and slowly hitting the ground, what if she was to late?

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