Jekyll *sequal to hyde*

Hey! N's back this time with a hole new story. He's brining along some friends to.

Stay tuned


1. ~1~

 N has been into the hospital for a while. The doctors said there was nothing wrong with him but amber seen it all, everything! She knew there was something wrong. Some normal guy just doesn't spazz out on the ground. The worse thing to believe was the wings and what she did to him.


 ~going back to that time~ 


 amber stood in shock as she ran her figures over the silky black feathers. She plucked one out by mistake and N wince in pain and the wings went back into his back. Blood dripped down his back as he looked at her, with tears.......actual tears.




she felt his pain sense that day, what was N? Why is he hiding it? She couldn't help but break down into tears.


 "I'm sorry N" she whispered as she looked at the black silky feather on her dresser. She picked it up and studied it. "Why am I so stupid!" She yelled.


 She walked over to the window bench and looked out to old man George drinking lemonade and reading the afternoon paper. She sighed and rested her head on her knees. "I would do anything to help N, he's in danger.......I can feel it" 

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