Dreaming of Water

This is my poem for the National Poem Day competition :)


1. Dreaming

Rays of heat radiate down

They are deadly yet don't make a sound

Heat fills our hearts and our souls

And we wait for something we can't control


The sun laughs down upon us fools

As we sit and beg for the weather to cool

Yet we can not escape its evil wrath

So all of our land becomes parched and cracked


Sometimes we sing and pray and hope

Some of us though, can never cope

I for one, run away

Into my imagination, where I have a say


My minds eye creates something new

Oceans of water and ice caps, too

The tress become green and the animals become wild

An image worthy of anyones smile


I pass the day, swimming and diving

My heart is always alive and thriving

I swallow the clear blue liquid, fit for the Gods

Feeling lovely but very odd


I sleep at night, on a raft

Drifting gently on a watery path

Dolphins swim by me, chattering away

As the moon shines down on where I lay


The stars reflect off the waters surface

Turning the world upside-down on purpose

The moon, she gleams, beaming and laughing

Making the world seem oh so happy


I sail through the night, my eyes never closing

Listening to nature start singing and composing

I feel a light breeze stroke my hair

As I reach my hand down, touching the water with care


Suddenly I feel the night sky disappearing,

The water starts to make a clearing

"No!" I shout, "Please don't go!"

But the morning sun dawns, putting on a show


My perfect world starts to drip and melt,

The rivers and streams looping away like belts

The sun keeps rising, he just won't stop!

Making my world evaporate with a 'pop.'


My throat starts burning, my heart starts yearning 

But there's no going back, the tables are turning

For there is work to be done and my tribe starts to sing

Pleading for coolness, to give them zing


We wait and we wait until the dry season is done

The sun's rays are shooting at us like guns

Yet one day, the heat shies away

Letting cool rain come to the Earth to stay


"The wet season has come!" All of us cry,

"The water has come back!" Not one of us lies

We wet our whistles, all through the night

Being merry and happy, feeling alright


My dream world has come, there is water galore!

Filling our tummies and healing our sores

We sit and we rest, looking up to the skies

Thanking the Gods for such a prize.


It drips down to the Earth, like shining diamonds

Bringing heavenly joy with a booming silence

Our mouths open up, taking in the sweet dew

As it trickles down our throats, hearts filled anew


The children laugh and dance in the liquid treasure

Making Mother Nature's eyes fill with pleasure

Our crops now grow with a sense of relief 

For the blue beauty is our chief


Small rivers now form throughout the land

Flowing and twisting, looking oh so grand

The parched tress and animals now skip with glee

Every living being feels completely free


Water runs down my spine, tickling my back

Weaving and winding, creating a track

I sigh with happiness as it massages my being

Like a cool hand cleaning me without me seeing 


All day we rest like kings

Drinking from the fresh water springs

Yet too much of a good thing does exist

As storms begin giving us an evil kiss


Great torrents of rain spread their arms

Creating fear, horror and countless harms

The awesome winds destroy all in its path

Making our land like a giant bath


Lighting strikes down, and starts a fire

Making the situation become quite dire

It screams sinfully, letting out its warning 

As it crowds around us like hornets that are swarming


We yell up to the heavens, "We are sorry we took the water for granted,"

"Let us live peacefully!" Everyone chanted

Its funny how too much of what you want

Turns around at you, starting to taunt


Tribes wait and wait across the lands

Waiting for Mother Nature to lift her hand

We pray for the storms to lift and leave

Sitting and waiting, wanting to believe


One day though, the storms clear up,

The water retreats, the sun comes up

Some of us dance, maybe even sing

But I sit and huddle, feeling the sting


It had started again, the long summer stretch

My precious rain gone, no way to go fetch

Tears come to my eyes, yet I lick them away

Feeling some source of water come my way


I will never take my blue wonder for granted again

Feeling my heart begin to strain,

I wish I was a dolphin, swimming in the sea

Surrounded by water, it sounds lovely to me


So I sit and I stare, waiting for night

She will come for sure, understanding my plight

I will then escape to me dream world with water galore

Where I will drink, rest and bathe upon a shore.


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