Mackenzie's Diary

Mackenzie is a 16 week old Yorkshire Terrier who gets taken away from her doggy family and owner and to another home far away with another family with an overweight spoilt cat! What will happen next? Will there be trouble along the way?


1. The Heartache

It was a sunny Wednesday morning I was sitting on the sofa with all my brothers and sisters. The parrot did its usual squawking and my mummy lay sprawled across the living room mat. My daddy does not live with us, he lives soo far away in Coventry I have never met him but I wish I could someday but I do not think I ever will. It was very relaxing and peaceful until there was a loud knock at the door (this caused a lot of chaos) we all ran around recklessly under the sofa, around the telly, up on the parrot cage, well maybe not up onto the parrot cage as that is very high up but do not get me wrong we all went very wild indeed! Our owner walked into the room with 2 visitors I did not like the look of them. The first one was a very tall and thin girl she looked so pale like she was going to throw up in any second, she had such long brown wavy locks dangling past her waist, she wore a skirt it looked good enough to eat as it had strawberrys' printed all over it and a white summer top. The next visitor, she was big and very short, she wore a long black dress that sucked her in, and little silver pumps. Her hair was really short and it was a kind of reddish colour her lips were covered in red it looked scary as if her lips were bleeding but I figured out it was only heavy lipstick. Then, even worse than them arriving, they whisked me away in one of those horrible car things and caged me up in a black bag I was so scared as last time I went in one of these cars I puked everywhere and got taken to that place where they inject you I think its called the vets. Just where were these strange people taking me this time? 

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