Mackenzie's Diary

Mackenzie is a 16 week old Yorkshire Terrier who gets taken away from her doggy family and owner and to another home far away with another family with an overweight spoilt cat! What will happen next? Will there be trouble along the way?


2. A New Home

We arrived, in a huge city, where, apparently, I was going to live with these 2 people! Now, you will have to get to know me as I am the boss around here and I at the time did not want to live with these people but they are humans I am only just an average puppy so they get to do what they want with me *sigh*. I did not have the time to think about anything like that at the time though as I had puked everywhere and was not feeling too good. When I puked they were very kind and rubbed me in a towel and cleared it up for me. I thought that was sweet of them as my previous owner would of shouted at me and told me of which is just not fair! We then finally pulled up outside a big house sealed in by iron gates. They carried me up the driveway and through the garden then put me down. I wandered around uncertainly, there were so many trees it was just like a magical forest! I did not dare go to the toilet I desperately needed it but they might of told me of for going. We went inside and showed they showed me around like did a house tour, as we came in we entered the kitchen it is only small but it is beautifully posh and very modern. Next the dining room its very professional there is a big long table and loads now I mean loads of units stuffed with arts and crafts the thin girl (lets start calling her that hahaha) likes arts and crafts a lot. The living room is really nice and cozy there are 2 sofas' that you can just lye out on and forget all your troubles, a tiny magazine table, a wide telly screen, biggest mirror in the world and a giant mat. There is more upstairs but I am pretty sure you are not that interested in knowing. I have to go to bed now I do not think I will be able to sleep tonight with all that has been going on I will update you and tell you all the news in the morning. Night night!!! 

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