It Started With Fear (Leico Fanfiction)

LEICO FAN FICTION! (I really think there isn't enough! I've read them all!)
You could say it started out from fear. Percy and Annabeth had just fell into Tartarus, and you could say it wasn't all sunshine and lollypops on the Argo II. Nico had just been rescued from the jar and everyone was worried about him. He is being tortured by nightmare until supreme commander of the Argo II finds a way to fix him...


2. Screaming for Help

*Leo's POV*


Leo looked up at everyone, but then he caught Hazels eyes. He quickly got up and ran to Percy's room followed by the other six halfbloods. When we opened the door Nico had his back to the door clutching the sheets crying. He was bedded with sweat and paler then ever. Leo quietly walked over to him and put a hand on his forarm. To his surprise it was as cold as ice.


"Nico... Wake up." He shook Nico a bit before he bolted up screaming. The ghost king pulled his knees up to his stomach and cried. No not cried, he sobbed. A very hard, heart breaking sob. Then he started to cough.


"Nico take your head out the blanket." Hazel said suddenly next to him. Leo new what was happening, he was chocking.


"Leo get the blanket, quick!" The son of Hephaestus pulled on the blanket, pulling it away first shot because the son of Hades was so weak.
"Crap, crap, crap he's not breathing... Someone get some ambrosia!" Leo yelled. Piper ran to the direction of the storage room with Jason right behind.


"Nico you need to breath ok in and out, in and out." Frank said on the other side of Leo. Nico started breathing slowly, still crying. Leo's instincts kicked in and put his hand on Nico's forehead. His skin was cold as ice but was also burning hot at the same time. Nico pulled at the sleaves of his sweater so you couldn't see his hands. He then put his head in his hands sobbing but it had calmed down. Hazel sat next to his brother and put her arm around him.
Piper rushed back in with a flask of ambrosia, while Jason had a bottle of water. Leo took the ambrosia and water, nodding in thanks. He set the ambrosia down next to Nico's bed and held out the water to Nico. Nico looked up at Leo in surprise, tears still pouring down his face. 


"Thanks..." He mumbled, shakily opening the bottle before drinking some of the water. Nico sighed and pulled his legs to his chest and silently cried. Leo suddenly felt himself sit in front of Nico. By now Piper and Jason had left to do Jasper stuff. Hazel rubbed circles into his back which seemed to calm him down a lot. 'Mental note: rub circles in Nico's back to calm him down.' He thought to himself.


"I'm going to get some fresh air..." Nico mumbled getting up. He must have changed when Leo left the room because now he was waring black sweat pants and a red and black sweat shirt.


"Leo... I'm worried about him... he-he's just so scared." Hazel sighed shaking her head. She got up to walked out the door.


"Hazel." Leo said just before she was out of sight. "Look I know it's not the time but I have a plan which will help us get to the doors of death quicker... could you maybe get everyone down into the dinning room. I'll go talk to Nico." Hazel smiled and nodded leaving Leo alone in Percy's room.


Leo found Nico by the railing looking down at the sea.  He walked up next to Nico and put a hand on his shoulder. Nico looked up at him with a signature glare. Leo smiled slightly causing the younger boy's gaze to soften.


"What do you want Leo?" Nico said in a rude tone which Leo shrugged off.


"I came to see if you're ok... Are you ok?" Nico sighed and looked down. Leo removed his hand and placed it on the railing. Nico let out a small chuckle.


"yeah Nico... are you ok?" He mumbled asking himself. Leo knew that asking if he way 'okay' was stupid, I mean, it was obvious he wasn't.


"Lets go inside I wanted to talk to everyone." Leo walked inside with Nico following far behind. When they entered the Dinning room everyone stopped talking. Hazel smiled at Leo as if saying 'thanks... for everything.'


"Okay... how do I start um... well we're running low on supplies and I have a plan so we can get supplies but not waist anytime at all." Everyone looked at Leo nervously and Hazel nodded for him to continue.


"Well just to the north there is the mainland of Germany. I asked Festus if there was any places there were we can get supplies. There is one just off the coast call Demi-store. Piper and Jason I was thinking you two could go. Then in Denmark there's a imperial gold mine. Frank and Hazel you could go there. I need to fix one of the engines which is failing and Nico..." he looked at Nico cautiously and continued. "Well he's in no shape for... Anyways that's the plan... Any questions?"


"How're we going to get there?" Frank asked after he had raised his hand in the air.


"You're going to fly... duh!" Leo put his signature, toothy grin.


"Ok if we go now we should be back by tomorrow morning and there's no time to waist." Jason pointed out.


"Ok lets go!" Piper declared. 

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