It Started With Fear (Leico Fanfiction)

LEICO FAN FICTION! (I really think there isn't enough! I've read them all!)
You could say it started out from fear. Percy and Annabeth had just fell into Tartarus, and you could say it wasn't all sunshine and lollypops on the Argo II. Nico had just been rescued from the jar and everyone was worried about him. He is being tortured by nightmare until supreme commander of the Argo II finds a way to fix him...


3. Lets Talk

*Leo's POV*


"Okay so each of these devices tells you were the ship is, so once you get the supplies you can find the ship. then I can keep sailing to Greece so we wont waist time." Leo handed Piper and Hazel an IPod like thing.


"Wow Leo didn't know you had it in you." Jason joked. Leo shot him a look saying 'Well at least I'm smarted then you'


"Okay thanks Leo we better go." Jason said in a voice like he was trying not to laugh. Frank turned into a dragon and Jason put an arm around Piper.


"Leo. Please look after Nico for me?" Hazel whispered. He nodded. Hazel went and sat on frank (hehe) the dragon and the next thing he knew they were gone. Leo turned around to look at the son of Hades, who looked like he was about to fall over.


"Go sit down Nico you look as if you're going t fall over." Leo chuckled, to his surprise Nico nodded and followed Leo into the dining room. Leo sat down and started reading one of Archimedes' blue prints. Nico sat next to him, resting his head on his crossed arms. The fail boy looked over at the plans Leo was reading.

"How can you read that?" Nico asked quietly. Leo was shocked that Nico even wanted to have a conversation with him.


"um you get use to it I guess. But if you do, you know, ever see Archimedes could you tell him his hand writing sucks!" Nico smiled at this but nodded. He shut his eyes for a minute and let out a massive yawn. 


"Nico" Leo sighed.


"Yeah I know, I know I need sleep but..." Nico suddenly took great intrust in his hands.


"But what?" Leo said softly.


"I can't sleep Leo! every time  close my eyes I see them there!" Nico stopped and looked up and Leo before continuing. "They're fading..." To Leo's surprise Nico was crying, it was only one tear but he was still crying. Leo put an arm around the younger boy.


"They'll be fine, I mean I never knew Percy for long but from what I gathered he was one of the strongest and bravest demigods in this millennium, and Annabeth, she's the smartest daughter of Athena. they'll make it." Leo wasn't just trying to convince Nico, but himself also. It was his fault- Leo shook the thought out of his head. Nico went limp in Leo arms.


"Not... Percy's... room." was all he said.


"Um you can sleep in my room... I mean only if you want to." Leo ran his fingers through his hair.


"Oh...kay." Leo lifted the sleeping Nico and carried him to his room. Leo pulled the blanket over Nico. he was about to extinguish the fire in his lantern but the he remembered how cold He felt over an hour ago.


"Sleep tight Nico."


*Sorry for crappy update."

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