It Started With Fear (Leico Fanfiction)

LEICO FAN FICTION! (I really think there isn't enough! I've read them all!)
You could say it started out from fear. Percy and Annabeth had just fell into Tartarus, and you could say it wasn't all sunshine and lollypops on the Argo II. Nico had just been rescued from the jar and everyone was worried about him. He is being tortured by nightmare until supreme commander of the Argo II finds a way to fix him...


1. It Started Like This

*I will you Spanish referencing but I think you can guess what they mean ;)*


*Leo's POV*


It's been a day since Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus and its not all rainbows and sunshine on the Argo II. Everyone was freaking out because we were on our way to the doors of death. Not to mention Nico. Ever since he came out of tartarus and the jar he wont eat, talk and sleep,  and even if he did sleep we wakes up screaming and crying from nightmares. Now I don't mean nightmares with the boogie monster I mean one that make you want to go hide in a corner and cry.
Right now Leo was in the engine room giving the engines upgrades. He wasn't really paying attention his hands just moved by them selves because 101 things were running through his mind, like: 'Its your fault Percy and Annabeth are in tartarus',' it's your fault your mother died',' Why did you open the fortune cookie' and 'everyone hates you there just being nice'. He sighed and wiped his hands on an oily rag and began climbing the stairs out the engine room.


"Everything can be fixed mi hijo, you just have to find the right parts..." His mothers voice reminded him. 'Well this can't be fixed...' he thought to himself. He was snapped back into reality when he heard shouting coming from up on deck.


He ran up the stairs into the sunlight to see a massive polar bear sun baking with Piper and Jason yelling at it. meanwhile Hazel was standing off to the side laughing.

"Frank Zhang! Get off my Books!" Jason screeched, I didn't know Jason read? Leo thought.

"Give my IPod back!" Piper yelled. Leo just sighed and walked up to frank.

"Polar bear give there stuff back before I light the deck on fire." Leo said with no emotion. Frank quickly ran off with Hazel chasing after him. Before Piper or Jason could say anything Leo trudged off. Piper and Jason gave each other puzzled looks.

"Leo!" Piper said running after him, "Are you ok?" she put a hand on his shoulder.

"Yeah I'm fine" She gave him a look saying 'You're a horrible liar.'

"Gods beauty queen I'm fine!" He smiled, but piper still looked edgy.

"okay but if you need anything-"

"PIPER!" he laughed.

"Okay! Okay! I got it! Oh by the way,  Hazel wanted to talk to you." Piper smiled and walked off, probably to go find Jason. Leo turned round to check if Hazel was in the dining room. When he arrived, Hazel and Frank were talking to Nico trying to get him to eat. Leo has never seen anyone so pale and skinny. Nico's eyes were tired and sad.

"Nico, Hazel's right you need to eat at least somethi- Oh... Hi Leo." Frank said as he entered the room.

"Hi Frank, Nico, Hazel... Piper uh said you wanted to talk to me about something." Hazel took a few seconds before she realised what he was talking about.

"Oh yeah um.. come with me." she lead him out the room into the hall.

"Look this is a huge favour and if you can't do it I understand I was wondering if you could try get Nico to eat something I've already asked everyone to try he still wont eat. Please." The look on Hazels face was so desperate and pleading. 'I guess it won't be to hard...' He thought he looked back at hazels face.

"Sure I'll try but I'm not sure I'll get anywhere-" Leo was cut off.

"Thank you!" Hazel jumped up and Hugged him causing his face to turn a dark shade of red.

"Ugh um no uh problem."

"I'll go get frank to come out so you to can talk alone." Hazel ran alone leaving Leo to stand there awkwardly. A couple of seconds later Hazel came back dragging Frank along.


"Good luck." Frank said before him and Hazel walked around the corner.

"it's now or never." He mumbled before walking into the dining room.


"Hey Nico." He said awkwardly. 'Damn, what would Piper or Jason do?' He thought. Nico nodded not saying anything. Leo sat in the chair next to him turning it so he was facing the son of Hades.

"Hazel sent you to make me eat didn't she?" Nico asked.

"Yeah kind of. But she is right you should eat something." Nico then made a sound which sounded like he was trying to hide a yawn, which failed miserably.

"Look I'm not good at well... this, but maybe could you please like eat a bit of anything you name it I'll get it" Leo rambled on. He looked up at Nico who seemed to be thinking about it. Nico just shrugged.

"Maybe could you get me an apple?" The ghost kings voice was so small and tired. Leo smiled and nodded getting up and getting an apple. He gave the apple to Nico and watched him eat. Not in a creepy way he just watched. Nico had five bites before throwing the apple in the bin. 

"I'm going to go check on Festus I think Hazel might want to talk to you." Leo got up with Nico but he was so weak he fell forward and luckily Leo caught him.

"Woah Buddy maybe you should get some rest first." Nico's eyes widened then he shook his head frantically.

"Nico are you alright?" If Nico could go paler, he did.

"It's so cold." Was all he said. Then it hit Leo like a truck. He was dreaming about Tartarus.

"Nico you can't not sleep it's not healthy." Leo's eyes filled with concern while helping Nico sit down.


"No... can't to many... nightmares." His voice was weak and tired.

"How about we make a deal?... Um if you try sleep now and have nightmares, um I wont bother you about sleeping." It was a horrible deal but it was all he could think of. Nico got up and started walking towards Percy's room. Leo only built 7 rooms so Nico had to sleep in Percy's. Halfway there Nico stumbled and Luckily Leo caught him by his waist, which not to mention was very awkward.

"Umm ugh... Hear let me uh help you." Leo put his arm around Nico's waist trying not to be awkward about it. He failed miserably. Leo opened the door and as soon as he did a wave of guilt washed over him. On the walls were pictures of Percy and Annabeth from different occasions, one was from there first date. Percy had his arm around Annabeth wait while she was kissing him on the cheek, another was an underwater kiss. Leo helped Nico on to the bed and as soon as his head touched the pillow he was asleep.


"Night Nico." he switched off the light leaving Nico in complete darkness.
Leo got to the top of the stairs and everyone was waiting around nervously.


"So... how'd it go?" Frank asked as Leo amerged onto the deck.
"He ate half an apple and is now sleeping in Percy's room." Leo felt pleased with himself considering the other four tried without luck. Hazel squeeled and hug him.


"I've gotta go finish making a new invention I've been working on." Leo got to the stairs but Jason called after him.


"Yea-AAAAHHHHHHHH" the next thing he knew he was tumbling down the stairs.

"ouch..." He mumbled rubbing his head. Everyone soon appeared at the top of the stairs trying not to laugh.

"It's not funny." Even though it hurt he tried to hide a smile. Everyone started laughing but was cut short when they heard a scream coming from Percy's room... 

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