A better Movellas.

This is a simple list of things that we should stop/start doing to make movellas a better place.


1. 1-6

1. Put your movellas in the right category. I don't want to see your fanfiction in my favorite category.

2. Rate your movellas correctly. I don't know a about some people, but I don't like reading things with sexual scenes so I tend to read G and Y rated movellas. However, I've stumbled across full-blown erotica in G rated Movellas. 'nough said.

3. Accept constructive criticism. These people are trying to help, guys. You can't just expect everyone to think your writing is already perfect and throw a tantrum if someone politely tells you how you can improve.

4. DON'T gang up on people if they say something you don't like. 'nough said.

5. Be nice to other users no matter what they say to you. I have a hunch that if people just said 'I'm sorry, and I hope you have a nice day' to a raging rhino, there would be less deaths by rhino.

6. If you have a problem, tell the movellas staff. Put your pitchforks down, guys, they might actually be willing to help.


More coming soon. If anyone has some suggestions, put them in the comments below. 

~ MyUsername.

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