The Little Hummingbird

Amanda Parks is a sixteen year old beautiful girl who has struck gold as a singer. she is FAMOUS in every sense of the word. she has millions of fans and her music is their life. but something is a miss.. having tasted sucess soo early amanda longs for normal life. this book shows us the journey in wich amanda a glowing star manages to live a life her way with the help of Jack her best friend and maybe more. Jack is just a normal sixteen year old.


3. The Ride into the past.

A/N: hey. sorry for the extremely wide leave!! :) .... here's a little summary of what has happened till now.

amanda parks is a teenage popstar with a crazy fandom and an enviable life. she is a busy young woman with loads of people who die for her. yet, she is always restless, unhappy with her present life - just like one who has attained fame a bit too early. she sees jack a friend from her past and leaves with him, for a little trip to her past.



The clock was an hour away from striking twelve and heralding a new day. Jack brought Amanda to a broken down café in proximity to the old and unkempt railway. The deafening noise and puffing black smoke provided for a break from the usual good life. Yet, Amanda did not complain. Not when she was this close to meeting her friends. Ordering two cappuccinos, jack made to sit in an isolated corner. He did not pull out a chair for Amanda. He never did. A small smile stole across her face as Jack sat informing her of how the friends had shifted into New York. They were going to a start a dance group he stated.


“jack.” Said Amanda, all the time pulling her hood down- covering a majority of her face. “Can you take me back? To the group?” she requested her voice held genuine pleading. “I want to- leave all this activity and show biz behind. Start fresh. Start anew.” For the first time, she voiced the thoughts that hovered heavily over her soul. She suddenly felt lighter. The smile on her face became more well defined.

“One can’t leave show business. Not really.” Jack said silently. It was almost a whisper. He said no more.


Amanda dragged the hood much forward all the time wishing for the visit of a nice and cosy sinkhole.

The trains hooted and puffed heavily. The vast masses shouted out loudly. The café was buzzing with activity. Yet a silence hung heavily. It was broken by the typical gum chewing waitress who banged the foaming cups of coffee on the table and marched away.


No one spoke a word as they slowly downed the extremely diluted and disgusting coffee.


Jack then placed a crushed note on the table and made to the door. Amanda hastily stalked him.


Jack went up to the box office and returned with two tickets and handed one to Amanda.

She looked at him sceptically. “you don’t want to visit your friends?” he asked in return. His face betrayed no expression. Jack was always like that. The gruff one. no one could understand him or make him understand. Except, maybe, Amanda.


The pushed their way through the surging crowd, jack wove through the crowd with expertise, tagging Amanda along. Though she did not really manage to reach the platform 9 unharmed.

Jack helped Amanda into the impatient machine and heaved himself up just in time. The doors shut them and cut off the baffling noise of the platform. And off they went, seated side by side, to that cosy group of friends. A train ride to the past.

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