The Little Hummingbird

Amanda Parks is a sixteen year old beautiful girl who has struck gold as a singer. she is FAMOUS in every sense of the word. she has millions of fans and her music is their life. but something is a miss.. having tasted sucess soo early amanda longs for normal life. this book shows us the journey in wich amanda a glowing star manages to live a life her way with the help of Jack her best friend and maybe more. Jack is just a normal sixteen year old.


2. Light At Last

The night was dark when Amanda finally finished singing the last of the songs. It took her quite some time to leave the venue as she was stopped every two minutes for a picture or an autograph for awestruck fan who clung onto her like leeches. No matter how much Amanda respected her fans, presently all she needed was to escape into darkness. All this attention, publicity and love that was being bestowed on her- Amanda did not believe that she was worthy of it. Amanda had been warned that show biz business was only shiny outside, it was a rotten corpse on the inside with more than a fair share of problems… she should have listened back then for now it was too late. A lot had been done. She could not escape the public eye now. Her every action was scrutinised. She was supposed to be the perfect role model, if she wasn’t then her mistakes would never hear the end of it. As Amanda reached her room in the city’s most posh hotel, she remained unfazed to all the attempts of the people around her- trying to impress her. Soon she entered into her room. For a brief second she was cut off from the surrounding world. She was all by herself. They was solitude. But just for a brief second- soon her phone was ringing with well-wishers trying to get in touch and wish her about the beautiful performance. Amanda threw her phone across the room and slid into the couch nearby. Lucy, her assistant came in and reminded her about the press conference the next day and advised her to catch a good night sleep before leaving her. Presently, Amanda slid into her dressing gown and went to bed- that’s more literary for though she was in a comfortable bed after a day’s hard and fruitful work, she could not sleep. All of a sudden the fake ceiling adorned with radium stars became an interesting subject to stare at. The unblinking stars reminded of the dys when she slept on the roof tops hand in hand with all her dear friends. They would talk all night and try to make their own new constellations and name it after themselves. No matter what happened the jack and Amanda constellation seemed to be stuck together… of all her friends, she missed jack the most. They were best friends. Jack was her guide, her mentor, her partner in all she did. He always knew the right thing to do. She missed him more than anything. She had run away many times – in search of him. But she never found him, not even once. Amanda slowed nodded into deep sleep adorned with happy dreams of jack and her as well as nightmares spun around a single thought of separation from her old life. Presently, whilst Amanda was in deep sleep, a person she had been hoping against hope to see, slithered into the street. His shadow slowly gliding along the pavement as the street lights flickered on and off. Then there were a few quick, repulsive movements and then there was a thud. Amanda awoke in a second. She could sense his presence. She ran toward the window and tore the curtains apart and peeped out- over the fresh flowers falling gracefully over the window sills. She looked around the street, it was empty. Everything was still. Even the common sounds of night completely ceased. Then she caught his sight as he walked round a corner and stood before her. Right in the middle of the street- there he was- the person whom she was soo glad to see!! Tears streamed down her eyes and sat on the leaves like morning dew. She rushed down stairs without bothering to talk to anyone or without bothering to take her body guards with her. She ran down stairs and hugged him tightly. Without words she expressed to him what his presence meant to her. Jack saw that she was troubled. But also knew that it was impossible for him to stay there for more than a hour. He slowly led her into the shadows and soon they ran into a dark street. Amanda was going back to where she belonged. Where she could finally be happy and content!
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