Long lost brother

This story is about a 11 year girl name Sabrina long lost brother finds her what will happen will be there be love with one of the boys ?????????????


4. i love you sabrina and always will

Today is the day I see my mom go away and I'll see Louis.  ------at the ER-----  ( paly the song DJ Sammy  We're In Heaven [Slow Version]  if you can )                   "so how do you feel mom"  " I'm doing good sweetie"  I try hard not to cry but fail. " ohh sweetie ever thing is going to be alright" "no its not mom your suppose to stay here with me and never leave me you told me that when dad was leaving us." "Sweetie I never meet to leave  you like this " than I seen her heart was going low " mom don't leave I will be a good girl I will get good grads clean the house jut don't leave me" " I love you Sabrina and I will always love you and tell Louis that too ok I'm going to a nice  place now I love you." By now I  was crying hard and that's when it all end. She was gone. " Miss Sabrina your brother is here for you" I didn't even care about him all I wanted is my mom '' mom MOM DONT LEAVE MOM " that's when I was throw on somebody's back  and I hit my head and everything went black. I woke up and I was in a room It wasn't my room it was blue and the things started to come back to me my mom and Louis. I slowly got up to go to the bathroom and that were I stop there was a pair of razors I closed the door and I open the razors a put it on my skin and I slowly cut. my arm was bleeding and I think I cut to deep and that's when I saw Louis walk in and I black out.  "BOYS GET IN THE CAR NOW " I cant believe this she was cutting herself and I meant loses her just like my mom. when I got to the car all the boys were there and I gave Sabrina to harry and we went to the ER and while we were going that's were everthing went bad a car hit our car and flip and everthing went black. 

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