But, I Love Him

Hi, I'm Amanda... I am a model. And I'm in love with Harry Styles (But then again, who isn't?). The thing is I have to be with Niall for two more years... Why you ask? Well here, let me explain...


1. The Start.

Hi, I'm Amanda I'm 18 and a model. I'm actually just about to do another  photo shoot now.  For this magazine I don't know what it's called though. Believe it or not I didn't really, well. Want to be a  model I always wanted to be a P.E teacher.... Just kidding I don't do sports! I actually always wanted to be a photographer. But my best friend Eleanor once took me to an audition and the people there decided they wanted both of us, ever since i haven't had time to apply to the photography courses or anything like that. It has been 2 years since that day and It's been pretty fun... I kinda get to do both of the jobs, seeings as along the way with all of the photographer we meet I can get some tips... But still one day I want to be able to just do photography... but I have to put up with this until that day comes. Anyways. I'm here in the makeup room in my clothes that look weird... I don't get all of this crop top and shorts that come half way past your bum!

But wearing this stuff pays the rent. Oh yeh did I mention Eleanor and I flat together!

I was waiting for the stylist to finish with El's make-up and noticed that this was a new girl. She had Long Dark brown hair and was wearing a top saying 'Ain't Nobody Got Time For Dat!' on it and some shorts. Once she was finished with El she turned to me "Hi, I'm Alex the new stylist!" She said happily. She seemed nice.

"I'm Amanda but everyone calls be Amy" I said

"Nice to meet you Amy" She said getting out the concealer and putting on my face, then the foundation and then the eye shadow.

"So Amy, what was your original hair colour?" She said inspecting my blonde hair.

"It was light brown but I got told to change it for the job" I told her. She nodded and continued applying my make-up. Once she was done I got up and rushed to El and went to the photo room to get prepared for the photoshoot. "Hi girls!" The photographer greeted us

"Hii!" We said together

"Ok girls, so... we need to have at least 16 different pics of you in 16 different outfits and we have 4hours! So let's get moving!"

Eleanor and I started posing and after about 40 pics we had finished the first shoot... Now we just had 15 to go! yay. ( Note the sarcasm )  On our way back to the changing  room El quickly pulled me aside...

"Ame's I've got big news..." She said

"What? Are you ok? Are you dying? Are you pregnant?"

"No, no and NO!" She said and I giggled

"You know Harry?"

"The cute curly haired guy that works in the bakery?"

"Yeh him! He auditioned for Xfactor!"

"Really how'd he do?" I said putting on my next outfit

"He got through to bootcamp and got told no"

"Oh that's sad" I said putting on my shoes

"Yeh, but then get this, he got put into a group!"

"Oh cool!  What are they called?"

"I think it's something like One S- no One Di- Oh yeh One Direction!"

"Cool name" I said putting on the finishing touches to my outfit

"Yeh and apparently they are coming here and are going to visit everyone, as in everyone they know, and well I got invited and got told I was aloud to bring a friend so yeh, you like that sort of stuff so do you wanna come?" She asked finishing her outfit

"Yeh, I mean what if they become big then, I mean I could say I met the One Direction!"

 we both laughed and went to get our make-up re-done and then went to have the next photo shoot. The cycle repeated itself until it FINALLY finished! By the time we got all our make-up off and gotten dressed it was 11:39pm.

We got into my car and just sat there. Want to get something for dinner like take-out?" I asked Eleanor.

"Yeh what do you want" She looked at me

"Pizza" We both said at the same time. Seeings as we lived together we had learned that we like alot of the same things! Pizza was one of them! I drove to the nearest Dominoes Pizza and we went inside. "Hi Alex, I'm guessing the usual?"

"Umm  Hawaiian and a meatlovers, some wedges and 2 cans of Pepsi? Then yes please" I ordered. Another thing we have in common are our favorite pizza flavours! And we both prefered Pepsi over Coke. I swear we were sisters in another life!

"That'll be 20 minutes girls" She said,

"Thanks Clarris!" we backed away from the counter.

"What do you want to do to kill the time?"

"Just sit and talk?" She answered I agreed and sat down in 'our' spot, that we had claimed since we were 13. 


We had finally walked all the way from the park to Dominoes Pizza Ordered small Hawaiian and Meatlovers pizzas. Eleanor and I have a lot in common! We've been friends since birth!. Litterally! Our Mums were in the same ward at the hospital when Eleanor and I were born a day apart (She was older) and apparently the hospital had run out of baby beds so they put El and I in the same one. Our Mums bonded and are now besties aswell! Anyways. We had ordered our pizza and just had to sit down. but this place was packed! So we settled with squishing into a corner table meant for four but we didn't really care. We just wanted to sit down. Then We came up with and idea, this was going to be our table! And everytime we came to our table we would get a vivid and put a mark on the wall (It was covered by the table, so it wouldn't get noticed!)


And so we did and now there were a lot of marks on the wall! And the people know! But they didn't make a big deal about it because we were their best customers. We actually made friends with Clarris ( the women who brings us our food ).


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