But, I Love Him

Hi, I'm Amanda... I am a model. And I'm in love with Harry Styles (But then again, who isn't?). The thing is I have to be with Niall for two more years... Why you ask? Well here, let me explain...


4. Meeting The Boys

I woke the next day and for some reason felt really excited... I was going to see Harry again! The first time I met him through Eleanors friend. He was really nice. He was quite cheeky and flirty but still... Second time it was at one of his gigs with his band "White Eskimo" He was hot then and well look at him now, I mean  He. Is. Hot! Who wouldn't want that to be her boyfriend... Wait did I just say that? Oh my gosh who and I kidding he's probably got most of the world loving him and then theres me. I mean nothing is really THAT flattering about me. I've got blonde curly hair that falls to mid arm length and I still haven't got the guts to change it back because to be honest... I think if I change it back to brown everyone will find it ugly... And I don't want that!

Anyways I got changed into a pair of dark denim shorts and a black and white singlet with Mickey and Minnie Mouse on it. A pair of black converse and a star necklace. And then a black baggy sweater. I pulled my hair into a messy bun and put on some makeup. Once I was finished I looked semi - decent and went down stairs to find eleanor on twitter. I snuck up behind her

"Rah!" I shouted from behind her causing her to jump and scream.

She then slapped my arm "What the hell, dude?!" She said breathing heavily

I was cracking up at this

"So when are we going?" I asked her still laughing a bit

"In about 10 minutes" She answered

"Wow, we're getting starbucks!" I said grabbing my keys and phone and heading for my car. It was a black mini. When we got to Starbucks El ran inside and grabbed our usual which was for me a white chocolate strawberry frappe.Once she returned with our drinks we made our way to the bakery. When we got there there were hundreds of girls screaming outside. I felt weird walking into the place and seeing all of the girls, mouths open wanting so desperately to get inside and be with the boys. When we were inside we were greeted by some of Harry's friends and co-workers. We got talking with some of his old band mates when an angelic voice filled the air. "Hello!" It said. It was Harry.

Everyone crowded him with hugs and handshakes while El and I stood back, seeings as we weren't very close with him. But then Harry came out of the group and hugged me then El.

"How are you ladies going?" He asked smiling. Oh my gosh his smile was amazing....

"Uhh great. How are you going?" El asked but she was more interested in the guy behind Harry. He was wearing a striped top and some blue jeans.( I am not a carrot but this was back when they were Xfactor contestants so.. yeh).

"Yeh I'm good, You guys are looking fit" He said . Crap I was blushing now.

"Thanks so are you" I said without thinking. Now I was mentally facepalming myself... He just chuckled

"This is Louis by the way-" Harry said pointing to Harry

"This is Niall, Liam, Zayn" He said.

"Hi I'm Amy" I said going in for a hand shake with each of them. But they rejected it and all went in for a hug at the same time

The boys then went off to go say hi to the rest of the guests and El was nowhere to be seen...

Then a few speeches were said by Harry's Mum and Dad, now it was Harry's turn

"Umm, so I didn't really prepare anything but, uh Thanks everyone for coming. I hope you all are enjoying yourselves and can all come to the dinner tonight at my house... But I think you might have to RSVP to my Mum over there" He then pointed to his Mum "Also thankyou all for making this possible and voting for us and for all the support! I hope tonight I get to catch up and get to know more of you" He said looking directly at me I checked if anyone was behind me but... no. no-one was there... He wanted to get to know me? Nah he probably was looking at the person in front of me.yeh that was probably it....

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