But, I Love Him

Hi, I'm Amanda... I am a model. And I'm in love with Harry Styles (But then again, who isn't?). The thing is I have to be with Niall for two more years... Why you ask? Well here, let me explain...


5. Conversations

After the get together we headed home to get changed for the dinner party at Harry's house. I rushed upstairs and had a quick shower then I curled my wavy blonde hair and did my makeup. I then put on my dress I was wearing for the party which was a knee length  black and purple dress with a black cardi and black heels. I quickly added a star necklace and some cute plain silver bracelets on before heading to the living room where a glammed up Eleanor was holding both her and my purse. She handed me mine and we were off to Harry's house.

When we pulled up the crowd was smaller but still LOUD! We got up to the front door and rung the door bell to get Anne, Harry's Mum answering letting us in. Once we were inside we realised we were the first to have arrived. Well Harry's Mum, Dad and sister were there but still. Th boys and us sat by each other outside and started talking.

"So Amy, Harry tells us you were one of the first fans of White Eskimo" Louis starts

"Yeh I was, I guess." I answer

"And El?" Louis asked

" I watched the battle of the bands" She answered

"Impressive" Louis said to the both of us.

"And you? What did you do before Xfactor?" She asked

"I was into theatre and performing arts."

"Really!?" she asked ...

Those two went off into their own little world while me and the rest of the boys had a chat

"So Amy... Whats happened since the last time I saw you?" He asked

"Uhhh well...I got into modelling as you know, and uhh they want us to do a catwalk tomorrow night"

"Oh my gosh really?!" He said

"Yeh... You guys should come!" i said without thinking *Mentally faceplaming right now*

"Sure, What time is it?" He asked

"8:30 tomorrow night"

"Awesome, We'll be there" He said. Great so now not only do I have to do a good job for the promotion but now the added stress of Harry watching me. Yay.



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