But, I Love Him

Hi, I'm Amanda... I am a model. And I'm in love with Harry Styles (But then again, who isn't?). The thing is I have to be with Niall for two more years... Why you ask? Well here, let me explain...


2. Chance?


We were sitting and waiting for our pizza when El's phone went off

"Hello?" She answered "Yeh....Really?... Ok..... Oh my gosh yes we would love to!.... Of coarse! Ok... Bye!" She hanged up.

"Oh my gosh you'll never guess what just happened!" She exclaimed

"What?" I said excited

"You know Nat and Sam?" she asked

"No... I don't know the people who without them I basically wouldn't even have this job..." I said sarcastically

 she sighed and rolled her eyes at me

"Well anyways... They have just been over booked and cancelled the cat walk show on Thursday!"

"Yeh!" I said knowing where she was going with this

"Well they have just offered the job to us!"

"OH MY GOSH!" I shouted causing everyone in the pizza place to stare at me...

"And guess what!" She carried on

"What?" I asked still excited

"They have said that if we do a good enough job we will get promoted to do cat walk shows instead of small photo shoots!"

"Oh my gosh...." I said in shock...

If we did get the promotion we will have skipped three steps that we would have had to have taken... This was the chance of a lifetime...Why was I sad then?... Oh well I couldn't ruin El's time... So I plastered a smile on my face and carried on being excited.

"Here you go girls!" Clarris placed our pizza's on the table

"Thanks Clarris!" we said happily

"Wow.. What's made you girls so happy today?" She asked us

"We just got asked to do a cat walk on Thursday and w may get promoted if we do a good job!"

"That is exciting! You guys will get the promotion I know it!"

"Thanks clarris!" I said before she left us

"I am so excited... First we get invited to meet some potentially famous people and now we get to go on a cat walk!" She says
"I know! I almost forgot about meeting the boys!"

Eleanor doesn't really know this but I have a crush on the baker boy... I met him one time when El and I were picking one of El's friends who works at the bakery... He was quite nice... but he probably doesn't even know who I am... Oh well I guess I have to make a mark when we meet them!

 But I can't let this interfere with my modelling career... Get your head straight Amanda!

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