But, I Love Him

Hi, I'm Amanda... I am a model. And I'm in love with Harry Styles (But then again, who isn't?). The thing is I have to be with Niall for two more years... Why you ask? Well here, let me explain...


3. A Phone Call

*Amanda's POV*

We finished most of the pizza and got a doggy bag full of leftovers, and said goodbye to Clarris.

Once we got home El went to have a shower so I sat and started to watch E! News. Nothing new Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez News... I was watching or about 10 minutes when the home Phone started ringing "Hello?" I heard a british accent say

"Hello? Who is this?"

"Uhh it's Harry... Wait. Is this Amy?" He asked and now I knew excactly who this was

"Yes, Hi Harry how are you?"

"Good, Haven't seen you in ages... Actually I've only seen you the once..."

"Yeh.. I hear your in a boy band now?"

"Yeh I am, Are you coming to the party?"

"Yeh I am, And so is El.."

"Oh good, Well I have to go to rehearsal, see ya on Wednesday!"

"Yeh, Bye!" And with that I hanged up the phone and went back to watching TV...

~10 min Later~

Eleanor came down stairs with a towel wrapped around her head like a swirly ice cream

"Who phoned?" She asked sitting next to me on our small couch.

"Harry confirming about the party"

"Oh awesome" We watched TV until we were tired and then went to bed


I woke to the smell of Bacon and Eggs. I immediately got up and walked to the kitchen to find Eleanor singing to Britney Spears and cooking. I stood laughing at her at the door. She turned around and started blushing she then threw a tea towel at me. I was still laughing

"What put you in such a good mood today?" I asked laughing

"Well tomorrow we're seeing the boys and the next day we are doing a catwalk!"

"Oh yeh.. You know what I'm excited about doing?"


"Eatin that bacon!" I said grabbing some bacon off of the plate "I'm gonna have a shower!" I said going up the stairs.. I got to my room and picked out some high waisted denim shorts and a Green sweater then had a quick shower. When I came down stairs Eleanor wasn't there but there was a note on the fridge 'Hey Ames , gone to get food be back 20 mins' I put down the note and ate my breakfast and watched some TV...

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