A journey and back.

Aveilea is a Elf of the mirkwood realm, little did she know that she will take apart of a journey that will take her past the limits.


2. On the way

"Legolas are you ready yet?!"  Aveilea yelled from the bottom of the stairs. "Almost! just let me brush my hair!" He yelled back. Aveilea sat back in her leather chair and mumbled "he always has to look perfect." Once Legolas brushed his blond hair, they were off. There ponies were already groomed and had their Saddle's on. "To the council of Elrond." Legolas said as he started trotting to Rivendell. "Great, another journey."  ( A/N Hey guys! Sorry i didn't update sooner. my computer wi-fi's glitched. Well, Ill post another chapter at 30 reads, deal? Stay Frantastic :) - J.L. Tolkien)

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