Ghost? (boyxboy)

Bloop title tells all


1. Intro

Title: beware of ghost boy

By: C.M.H



Raising the undead,

To make them do my bidding,

When I said I was evil, 

I swear I wasn't kidding,

This is more than a game, this is my life,

With on simple thought, you could die,

Beware him, beware ghost boy,

Don't try for his love, you'll end up a toy,

So sweet dreams dear flower,

And pray for your life,

Be thankful that your living,

Even for one night,

Beware of ghost boy, leader of the spirits,

Beware of his call, and run when you hear it,

For he's not like us,

He isn't humane,

To him, your life is nothing, nothing but a game,

So beware, of ghost boy.






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