Mr. Horan

Hi guys this is my first official book! please no hate! I will try to update everyday. if I don't update I will update as soon as possible. love you guys! I hope you enjoy my book!


11. The Fight/Make up

Sorry if there is any misspellings!

Summers Pov


How could he? I know that she kissed him first but that's not the point! He kissed her back. Ugh I just want to kick his a$$. Ugh I'm frustrated and really sad.


Niall's Pov

There is this new teacher called Angel Johnson. We are currently talking but I can't help but notice that she is flirting with me.. But I just block it out. So we are talking about what she teaches and she teaches Social Studies. Then the next thing I knew she was kissing me..... And I kissed back FOR ONLY A SECOND!!! Then I saw Summer tearing*t I'm in deep trouble...I told Angel that I had a girlfriend but she didn't care.


After all that....

No Ones Pov

It's after school and summer is going to Niall to talk to him...


Niall: Hey Baby.

Summer: Don't hey baby me.. I caught you CHEATING today with that new teacher!!!!!

Niall: baby I am so sorry she kissed me

Summer: yeah I know but you kissed her BACK!!!!

Niall: OH MY....... IT WAS FOR A SECOND Summer..

Summer: whatever Niall I'm DONE.

Niall: let me finish!

Summer: you got 60 seconds go..

Niall: I told her that I have the most beautiful girlfriend that I'm never letting go of!

Summer: aweee really?

Niall: yes really I love you so much baby

Summer: I love you too Ni. Together forever?

Niall: Yes, together forever.

Hey guys, I hope you liked this chapter! I don't think I will be able to upload until the weekend but until then enjoy!

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