Mr. Horan

Hi guys this is my first official book! please no hate! I will try to update everyday. if I don't update I will update as soon as possible. love you guys! I hope you enjoy my book!


9. School...

Summer's pov

ugh, the weekend is already over and i'm kind of scared that britnay will tell principle Carter.

no ones pov.

Summer's mom: summer time to get up or  youll be late to school

summer: ugh im up mom.

summer's mom: i made your favorite

summer: thanks mom.

skipping to school, 

summer just got to school she walks to school everyday when she gets there she sees her best friends

Summer: hey guys 

summers best friends look awfully nervous and summer asks about it. 

Summer: are you guys okay?

jess: yeah we are fine. why?

summer: i dunno.

After that. 

summer goes to see niall but sees principal carter. 

Summer: oh shit. 

Principal carter: what was that miss parker?

summer: nothing. 

Principal carter: well miss jackson said that you and mr. horan were dating is that true?

Niall: sir-

Summer: no we are not. 

Niall look sad but happy to keep his job.


hey  guys sorry i havent updated in a super duper long time this chapter sucks i know but i hope it gets better. i promise it will. just have to think harder i got writers block so ill update soon 




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