Mr. Horan

Hi guys this is my first official book! please no hate! I will try to update everyday. if I don't update I will update as soon as possible. love you guys! I hope you enjoy my book!


1. First Day Of School.

Summer's POV.

Hi my name is Summer, I'm sixteen and my favorite season is Summer of course! anyway I start my Junior year, oh how I wish it was my senior year! I would be out of that place. Once I got up I took my clothes out and went into my bathroom to take a long hot shower. about an hour later I got out and put on a cami (the ones that shows your belly button) and short shorts. by the time I'm done. I grab the keys to my car and head to school. I usually eat breakfast at school but I forgot to grab my freakin wallet on the counter. how stupid of me. anyway, I went to get my schedule from the office.

Lady: hi how can I help you?

Me: hi um i'm here to pick up my schedule.

Lady: name please

Me: Summer Mae Parker

Lady: here you go.

Me: thanks.

once I got my schedule I went to see my three best friends Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle.

Eleanor: hey gurll how was your summer?

Me: Fabulous! how about you El?

Eleanor: omg I met this guy named Louis and he is adorable! you girls got to meet him sometime.

Perrie: guess what!

Girls: What!

Perrie: I met this guy named Zayn! he so handsome! you guys have to meet him!

Summer: we will we will.

Danielle: liam is the guy for me!

Summer: we know Dani! your so perfect together.

after that......

I was in the last period of the day.

his name was Mr.Horan.

he had baby blue eyes, blonde hair and perfect teeth I was basically day dreaming about Mr. horan until he called on me.

Mr.Horan: Miss. Parker can you tell me how to slove this problem (btw: he's a math teacher.)

the problem: 20X120

Me: 2,400?

Mr.Horan: Correct! great job. also can I talk to you after class thanks!


me: you wanted to see me mr.horan?

Mr. Horan: Please call me Niall.

Me: okay

Niall: um I really like you a lot!

Me: Me too


writers block will update soon!

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