Mr. Horan

Hi guys this is my first official book! please no hate! I will try to update everyday. if I don't update I will update as soon as possible. love you guys! I hope you enjoy my book!


7. Disaster at the Mall

It's friday night and me and the girls were just shopping for Louis's birthday.  After we got Louis's presents, we all went to the cafe in the mall. We walked up to the counter and I was greeted by my favorite person in the world.

Niall: Hey what ca.... Summer?

Summer: Hi niall.

Brittnay: Hey bitch are you gonna order or not

Summer : What the hell bitch what is in your rush.

Niall: Hey get lost slut!

Brittnay: What . The . Fuck . Did. You . Say.

Niall: You heard me!

Summer: Did He Stutter? No I don't think so

Brittnay: well at least my boyfriend isn't the teacher 

Niall: Well i wonder why you don't have a boyfriend because you would treat him like shit. 

Brittnay: I do have a boyfriend. Nick, he is my neighbor and will kick your ass. 

Niall: Lord help that poor poor soul. 

Summer: *laughing* 

Brittnay ran off embarrassed about what Niall said. I told Niall good job and kissed him. I let him get back to work and he gave me my coffee not taking the money i owed but instead he paid for it himself. 

Summer: I'll see ya later babe. 

Niall: Okay princess bye bye love ya

Summer: Love ya too bye baby.

I left the mall without the girls and went home. I went straight to bed because i was so tired. I was laughing myself to sleep about what happened at the mall today. 


*hey guys i know i haven't updated in a while but here you go. I was feeling sassy about now so it is some what sassy :)*



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