Mr. Horan

Hi guys this is my first official book! please no hate! I will try to update everyday. if I don't update I will update as soon as possible. love you guys! I hope you enjoy my book!


6. Back Together

Me and Niall are now back together. Hopefully Brittnay will stay out of our relationship. But both me and Niall don't know. Well anyways today is Friday. Yay last class of the day and is my favourite class. 

Mr. Horan: Good afternoon everyone.

Class: good afternoon Mr. Horan. 

Mr. Horan: Ok class we are just going to have a study hall so work on other work. You can have your phones out and music but if the principal comes, every electrionic goes away. Got it?

Class: got it.

I got out my phone and headphones and listened to one direction's new album Midnight Memories. In the middle of my music i hear my phone go off. I got a text. It was from Niall telling me to stay after class. I texted him back by saying okay. The bell rang and i of course stayed behind. Today was unusual, Niall locked the class room door and turned the lights off so no one could see in. 

Niall: Hi Princess

Summer: Hey Ni what are we doing?

Niall: You know, we have been dating for a couple months now and i think that we both want this.

Summer: Want what?

Niall: Summer, i want to love you right. Will you let me love on you?

Summer: If I'm not considered a slut then yes

Niall: Okay but you might be sore afterwards. ;)

Summer: Okay bring it on Niall.


*hey guys it Jessica Hope you enjoy sorry for not updating in a while but school work is really crazy.Any ways let your imagination lead you to the rest of the chapter. ;) :)*

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