Aurora has been living in her small town for her whole life, and has always been the outcast.She suffers from depression, anorexia, self harm and to add onto that she has no friends, only bullies and a boy she meets online. He goes to her school and knows who she is, but she doesn't know him and is determined to find out. Will she get over her depression and find this boy, or will her world come crumbling apart.... read and find out.


1. Prologue


Tuesday, August 27th 2013 - Day Before School Officially Starts  

 It’s funny really, how excited people get for school to start back up. It’s amazing. I mean we go to school almost everyday for ten months. The first day should be like any other day. Oh well though, I guess I’ll never understand. I guess high school is just a different experience for me.

   I have been living in this small, dead-beat town my whole life, and still I have no friends. Only bullies. I hate them, their whole group consists of Tazi (the ringleader), her minions, Miranda and Kjersten, and her jackass boyfriend Mikey and his two friends Calvin and Xavier. They have bullied me and torn me down since the third grade. I hate all of them except for Calvin, he is the odd one of the group. He doesn’t like tormenting people for his own selfish entertainment. He usually just stands by watching the others without saying a word, I mean they are his friends after all. I don’t know why he continues hanging around those guys, I really don’t.

   Anyways, I might as well introduce myself now. My name is Aurora Parker, I will be turning sixteen in December, and my favorite color is purple. I love music. Without music I would probably not have lived this far into my life. I am very depressed you see, though no one knows it. I don’t say anything because I don’t want to bother people with my problems, it’s not like they care anyways, so why bother? But back to what I was saying about music, I love it. I eat, breath and sleep bands. Thats right. Bands. I’m not into any of that pop music, its disposable and the music is shit anyways. Bands are perfect.

  For real though I DO NOT wanna go back to school. I hate it there. It literally makes my skin crawl thinking about it. Oh well I should be getting to sleep now, I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow...

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