Aurora has been living in her small town for her whole life, and has always been the outcast.She suffers from depression, anorexia, self harm and to add onto that she has no friends, only bullies and a boy she meets online. He goes to her school and knows who she is, but she doesn't know him and is determined to find out. Will she get over her depression and find this boy, or will her world come crumbling apart.... read and find out.


2. Chapter One

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 - First Day of School


  Why Wednesday? Out of any other day of the week they chose Wednesday. How strange. Not that I’m complaining though, two less days I have to spend locked in a building with a bunch of strangers that don’t even acknowledge my existence. I swear I’m like a ghost. The only time people notice me is when they bump into me or wanna get with me, or even better, if they are trying to become friends with Tazi, they harass me as a sort of, initiation, so to speak.

  Speaking of Tazi, I ran into her and her minions in the hallway. It was the usual confrontation, me trying to stand there and ignore them as they call me fat, worthless, ugly, that I don’t deserve to breath the same air as them, or even breath at all.

   I agree with them on some levels, I am ugly (but that can’t be helped). I am also worthless to most people, even my parents don’t care about me. Fat, yes, but I skip meals in hopes of becoming skinny. I do, however have the right to breath. I may not be perfect but at least I have a little self-respect. besides if I believed everything they said I would just be giving into them, and I won’t have that.

I found out today that only do I have lunch with Mikey and his friends, but they are also in my science class and Mikey is in my algebra class. Just perfect, right? All I’ve ever wanted was to be called a “disgustingly overweight pig” in lunch. But nothing beats getting notes in my last two classes of the day telling me to kill myself. Fantastic. As if my self esteem wasn’t low enough as it is.

 I walk home from school, because my parents work late and I live close enough to walk. I could take the bus, however Xavier also takes my bus, and I just don’t want to deal with him. He lives on the same street as me, thus he gets off at the same stop as me. I figure I might as well walk now and get tormented later. Usually though he doesn’t take the bus home. He is on the football team along with Mikey, so he stays late most days. But since it’s the first week of school I get blessed by his presence on my bus ride to and from school.

  When I got home I looked at all my homework. Homework in each class, what is this??? It’s the first freaking day of school and we get this. As if my day wasn’t bad enough. Oh well. I did a lot of it though. Mostly review from last year so I flew through. I hope my teachers don’t start expecting me to keep handing in work on time…. Well, we’ll see.

  I made an online profile after I finished my homework. I figure since I can’t make friends in school I make friends outside of school. I decided just to use my real name as my username. It’s so much easier. I immediately got a friend request from x_REBEL_x. He didn’t have a picture of himself or his real name on his profile, but I accepted it just the same. He messaged me “Hey aurora” so I messaged him back. We talked for quite a while actually, he is really a nice guy. I mean that in a I-want-to-be-just-friends-with-him kind of way. I don’t know though, I’m not gonna let my guard down yet, I barely know him.

Besides x_REBEL_x I got a lot of messages from guys asking to trade. I ignored them all, I would have blocked them but the website doesn’t allow blocking, only reporting. Which does almost nothing. So when Tazi and her crew found me on there, nothing could be done for them sending me nasty messages. I don’t know what I ever did to those guys. They just go around like they run everything and I’m just their little playtoy. Its pathetic really. I know I shouldn’t let their harsh words get to me, but deep down they do, because it’s all true.

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