The new neighbor


4. The new neighbor

*final bell sounds*

"Bye bella!" her friend krissy calls.

"bye girl,see you tommorow!" she yells back he

She grabs her lunch from her locker and heads to Connors car, she cant wait to get her own car.

"Hey" she said getting in

he turns his head to kiss her, but she doesnt turn hers.

"whats wrong?" he says

"nothing, really tired. cant wait to go home." she says playing it off nicley

"well i was thinking maybe you could come over, and we could finish what we started." he said

"Nah, maybe another time. really tired." she said

"ok."he replied

they drove in complete silence to her house,she almost dove out of the car. she was so excited to be home.

"bye." she said shutting the door, without kissing him bye.

She flings open the door, and runs straight upstairs. she changes into her running shirt, sports bra, and nikes.incase se desides to go run. she flops herself right on her bed.

"finally rest." she says to herself

"Bells, someones at the door." she mom yells

"tell them to go away." she replies back

"Bella.get down here." she said

"send them up. my gosh mother." she yells.


"enter." she says

"hey bella" jace says

"oh my gosh, hey.sorry about that." bella says sitting up, making sure he wasn't staring at her ass. he wasn't.

"bummer." she said to herself

"Im so happy you dropped by!" she said

he laughed

"looks like i have the window facing you." he said

"aww, that means i have to shut my curtains when i change." she said

"i mean you dont have too." he said


"was that flirting?" slipped out of her mouth

his face turned red and so did hers, they both laughed it off 

"so can i ask you something?" he said

"yea, anything" she said

"why are you dating that jerk connor?" he said

she was compltely shocked at this question

"i mean i guess cause hes amazing and sweet. but a total asshole." she said

"he doesn't deserve you" he said

he got up and left, with no goodbye



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