The new neighbor


3. That bathroom moment

She couldn't get her mind off of Jace, and she has a boyfriend. what was wrong with her?

"Bella." Connor called.

she gave him the evil look.

"what conn.." she said. and the next thing she knew he grabbed her face and matched his lips to hers. She immediatly forgot about Jace, and fell deeper in love with Connor. 

"im sorry." he said "i respect you, and everything aout you. because i love you, like no one has ever loved you before."

she thought to herself "and i have an amazing boyfriend."

"its fine, i forgive you." she said. she honestly just wanted to kiss agian

they decided to skip class 

they went straight to the girls bathroom. 

as they shut the door. she grabbed his face and immediately their lips touched. She wanted more and more. She jumped on him and wrapped her muscular legs around him as he propped her up on the sink. There tongues danced with one another, on and on. He started feeling her up, she hands rubbing her perfectly soft legs, his hand kept going up and up and finally reached the destination. as he was about to go in. she took off her shirt. and he really got distracted then. he took off his shirt too. they immediatly started making out agian. He was so horny by now, and so was she. she was about to unhook her bra, then a banging on the door came.

"shit" she yelled. as she ran into a stall with Connor.

they all got dressed. and that would be the last time she ever made out with connor.

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