The new neighbor


6. Party

Im so sorry! i havent written in forever, im in higschool and i have tons of homework all the time! 

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By Friday Bella was ready to party, with school all week. She was excited. When the bell finally sounded last hour, she basically ran to Connor's car.He was already waiting for her. 

"Hey" she said sliding in the seat 

"Hey" he said kissing her cheek "Do you wanna get ready at my place?" 

"I think im just going to get ready at home, oh i forget to tell you." she said "Well, remember Jace the new guy?" 

"The one thats totally into you?" he said 

"He's not!" bella said 

"Bella, i can tell when a guy likes a girl. and he totally likes you." Connor replied

"Whatever, but when he came over my parents only said i could go to the party if Jace came since hes new and all!" she said.

"Ok." Connor said sounding mad

They sat in silence the whole ride home, when they got to her house she was ready to go to sleep.

"Ill pick you up at 7." connor said driving off. 

She ran inside, and fell asleep quickly. Her alarm sounded at 5:30 to get ready for the party. She went shower, as she got out she rummaged through her closet seeing what to wear. She found a cream tight crop top with white high waisted booty shorts with some cute laced up sandals. She fixed her hair the same as usual, her long dark brown hair always flowed to her butt. Her hair was straight then at the end it curled a little. Her makeup was down as usual. She always found herself as such a basic person, everything on her was the usual. She brushed her white straight teeth, and was ready to go. It was already 7 o'clock. 

"Bella!" her mom shouted 

She figured Connor was here honking the horn. But instead Jace came up the stairs into her room. 

"Hey" he said 

"hey" she replied putting on her earings. 

"You ready?" he said 

"yea, you?" she said 

'yep" he said "well i came over to see if you needed a ride?" 

"Well connor said he would pick me up, but thanks anyway." she said 

"anytime,maybe i could give you a ride home?" he said

"I would like that." se replied 

They both walked out of the room, Jace going to his truck and Bella walking to Connors car.

"Why was he over?" he immediately said 

"he offered me a ride, hes gonna bring me home. So you can get wasted, you dont have to worry about me." she snapped 

They sat in the silence. She kept thinking to herself that they were always silent lately. As they got there the house was already filled with a million people. Connor already had a beer in his hand checking out girls asses. Bella sat there in disgust at him, she walked around to go get her a beer. She usually never drank, but this week was rough. She was in complete need of one. 

"Woah, never took you for a drinker." Jace called 

"Im not, been a rough week." she had already dranken the whole beer and went for another.

"Would you like to dance?" he said 

"Sure, nothing else to do" she said 

She grabbed another beer, she was already getting tipsy. She was never good at drinking. As they danced to the songs she could feel herself getting more and more drunk. Jace held her waist while she grinded on him. She didn't care if Connor was watching. Its just a little fun? Jace and her swayed to the beat of the music, his arms around her. Her head resting on his chest, this was stuff connor would never do with her. He stared straight into her crystal clear blue eyes.

"I really wanna kiss you." Jace said to her 

The guy behind her, pushed her and Jace together. And her head fell perfectly under his. 

"Will you show me the bathroom?" he asked

"sure, follow me." as she led him upstairs "That door" she pointed to the one down the hall 

"Ok, be right back." he said 

She went go lay down on her friends bed.Jace found her and went sit down with her.

"How was the pee?" bella asked laughing

"Great Bella, it was great." he said smiling at her.

"Good for you." she said poking his chest. 

He layed down right next to her, she rested her head on his chest and looked at him. She moved her head up to his, now they were staring into each others eyes. She leaned in, but he put his finger on her lips. 

"I would rather kiss you when you would remember it." Jace said 

She rolled over, and he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. Bella drifted to sleep. She woke up to the shouting of two boys. 

"Shes my girlfriend!" Connor yelled.

"You treat her like crap, you don't deserve her." Jace yelled back. 

"Stop! Both of you!" Bella screamed. "Connor whats your issue?" 

"Sit down you little slut." Connor said to her

Jace punched him "She's not a slut. We didn't do anything, she fell asleep dumbass."

As he stormed out of the room.Bella stood there looking at Connor with a bloody nose. 

Bella said. "You owe Jace an apology, i was drunk and he helped take care of me. Maybe if you would care about me, maybe i would still want to be with you. But you've compltely ruin that."

"Take care Connor." She said walking out of the room.

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