The new neighbor


7. Goodnight


As i stormed out of the room, i immediately went look for Jace. I saw him walk out the bathroom.

"Jace!" i screamed toward him over the loud music, he now had a drink in his hand.

"hey, sorry" jace said walking towards her

"Connor and i broke up." i said

"why?" jace said

"idk,im kinda over it and him. We both know we were over,we just never offically broke up. So would you mind me riding to school with you?" she said

"not at all" he said giving her a hug

"Im fine, anyway what happen while i was asleep?" she said 

Jace replied "Well you fell asleep, and someone was calling you name. so i said in here, and turns out it was Connor, the situation didn't look good. He started yelling at me and then you woke up."

"Im sorry, he's such a douche bag. You were just being a good person,and looking out for me. But now im sober, so im good to go home." She said

"You ready?" he asked

She looked down at her phone, it was already 2 am.

"Yea, i need some sleep." she said

As they started to drive off, the car grew silent. She started making conversation about how he likes it here and stuff like that.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" she said to her surprise. The question just rolled off of her tongue.

"Yes, i did. We broke up a little before i moved, she cheated on me." he said

"Im sorry." she said

"Its all good, it we just were starting to get serious and then bomb i find her straddling a guy in the bathroom. It just disgusted me." he said

"Sounds like it." she said feeling sorry for him.

They finally arrived at their houses, everyone was asleep in both houses. He walked her to her door.

"Thanks for everything tonight Jace." she said

"No problem." he said back

"I had a fun time, minus this really bad headache i have." she said

He started laughing and touched her head.

"I knew you couldn't handle drinking, next time i won't let you." he said

There eyes met, and she was waiting for him to lean in any moment now. Instead he kept staring into her eyes. Finally he broke the moment and moved his hand from her head.

"Goodnight Bella." he said and walked away

She just laughed as she watched him enter his house.

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