The new neighbor


2. First Time

*bell rings*

"Alright class, dont forget about your homework tonight." called out Mr. Spring

Connor grabs Bellas hand.

"Your right, lets ditch." Connor said

"You said you wanted to come, why all of a sudden a change?" Bella said 

"I dont know, i want you right now." Connor said smiling

Connor has always wanted more from Bella, but he knows that she is waiting for the perfect relashionship and real love.

"Your such a dork." Bella said

"No, im serious Bella weve been dating for almost 11 months how much longer do you want to wait." connor said almost seeming mad.

Bella got furious.

"Connor, if you want to be with someone like that then leave this relashionship. ive told you many times that i wanted my first time special and to wait. if you dont respect my decison then lets end it now." Bella yelled at him.

She walked away

"bella." connor called

*bell rings*

She turned to see if he was still behind her but he had already walked into his classsrom.

"Dick." she thought to herself.

As she walked into english class, Jace was already sitting down in her spot.

"Did we switch seats or something?" she called to her english teacher.

"No, i just let Jace sit there until we find him a spot and i know you wouldn't mind. Just sit in the empty desk next to him." Mrs. Peirce replied 

"Okay class, today we are going to pair up and work on our projects." she said loudly "Everyone get started."

"Rebecca's not here today, who will i work with?" Bella called out

"Rebecca has mono, and will be out all week or even the next 2 weeks. You will work with Jace, just help him out a little." She said

Great, just great. she thought to hersel. She turned and flashed her beautiful big white teeth at him. He didn't move a single muscle in his body.

"Hi im Bella." she said nicley

"im jace." he called

They shook hands, and immeditaly felt the instant spark between them.

He just sat their could he be so sexy with no personality?

She excused herself, and went to the bathroom.As she walked to the bathroom, she thought to herself. Am i the problem? Does he think im weird? Ugly? Boring?

She looked into the mirror, there stood the same girl shes always seen.

The same dark long wavy/ straight hair that fell to her butt. The same crystal clear blue eyes, the same olive/tan flawless skin shes always had. She smiled, the same white, straight teeth shes always had without any braces. Her average B cups, and her large butt. All the same, she stared at herself, thinking whats the problem? She didn't think she was pretty, but many people told her she was. She never understood, and never will.

She walked back to class. Looking at him, he finally smiled at her. His beautiful smile.

"When is this due anyway?" he asked

MHMMMM, his sexy voice just melted her heart.

"umm, not positive. we can always work on it afterschool if we have too" she said

"So where did you come from?" she asked

"Ugh, i just moved here." he replied

"thats great! if you ever need a little tour or something ill be glad to help." she said

"you know your really nice" he said

she blushed, trying not to let him notice

"thank you, i try" she said

"your the first person to actually talk to me, they all just stare at me. especially that boy you were with." he said

"oh, thats connor. hes my annoying boyfriend." she siad

"everything okay?" he asked

she giggled "everythings fine, he just made me mad." i replied

I really just wanted to reach over the desk and straddle him tight.

In a fantasy she would hop over these desk. running into his arms. the passion when there lips would touch would just drive her crazy. when he would touch her in her right places, like he knew her inside and out. How their tounges would try and play hide and seek but could never quite stay away from each other. how she absolutely wanted everything from him. not one thing from connor. only from jace.

that fantasy soon ended when the bell rang.

crap,she thought. she just wanted to dream a little more. She started walking down the hall, when someone grabbed her hand.thinknign it would be connor, it was jace. and she smiled. "Hey, i was wondering if your last name was Star?" he said

"Actually, yes it is. why?" she replied

"Because apparently im Bella Star's neighbor." he said

"No way, your the new neighbor!" she said

"yea" he replied



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