The new neighbor


1. First Sight

"Bye sweetie, have a great day." Her mother said with a smile on her face.

She just kept walking, without any reply. She noticed her boyfriends car resting on the curb, his mouth immediatly shot into a smile. Every time she looks at him, she falls more and more in love with him.

"Hey babe" he said, as he sat down.

"Hey" she replied.

She turned to kiss him and his face was already there, there lips touched then their tounges. She never wanted to leave their positions, he ran his fingers through her hair. She finally pulled back thinking of her annoying mother probably watching.

"Hows jail?" he said jokingly.

"Shut up!" she said hitting him playfully. "It sucks no phone, no tv, only my computer. Good thing they invented Skype."

He laughed, and smiled at her wondering how he fell so in love so quickly with her.

"Did you hear were getting a new student today?" he said

"No way! this town needs some more excitement." she said

They arrived in their assigned parking spot.

"Come on, lets ditch. we can stay in here all day talking." she said

"Mhmm, 'talking' " he said laughing, they knew they would just end up making out as usual. "You dont need to get in any more trouble."

"I hate it when your right." she said

As they walked in hand by hand. She realized how ugly there school was, everyone wearing the same clothes made her disgusted. They went to each others lockers everyone staring at them because they wanted their perfect kind of love. He kissed her again, and again. She just laughed. 

"Bella! hey!" one of her friends, claire said.

"Hey girl!" she reliped.

"OMG! did you hear of the new student?" she said excitedly.

"Yes!" she said

Claire replied "hes in our first hour. heard he was crazy hot." claire said. "DIBSSSSS"

"your so funny." bella said, she noticed Connor held her hand tighter now.

*bell rings*

Connor and Bella walked to first hour and sat down right next to each other as normal. Everyone filled in, and started talking.

"Class, lets take out our notebook and get to work" Mr. Spring yelled

The door opened, and here came the brand new student.

"Yes, your the new student?" Mr. Spring said

"Yes sir." he called

It was the sexiest voice shes ever heard.

"Well introduce yourself to the class." Mr. Spring said

"Im jace." Jace called, directly staring straight at Bella.

Mr. Spring gave him all his materials. As he walked to the desk right next to Bella, there eyes met. She blushed. Thinking crazy things about her and Jace, she knew she had to get those thoughts out of her mind. She was in love with an amazing boy, nothing could change that.

Except maybe Jace.



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