The new neighbor


5. Dinner




"Dinner! " her mom yelled up the stairs

all 5 of the kids immediately run out their rooms. 5 kids, Bella's the oldest. Shes always last to serve, and sit. They all sit around the table like a big happy fake family.

"So, mom and dad i have a question?" bella says

"okay, lets hear it" her dad replies

"i know im punished and all, but i was just wondering if i could go to a party friday night?" she asked hopefully

"who would invite you to a party?" her 11 year old brother commented

"shut up brat" she hissed back

"me and your father will think of it" her mother said

She got all excited.

"Tommorow i invited Jace's family over for dinner, all the other kids will be at your grandmothers, so youll be expected to look nice Bella." her mother said

"yes ma'am!" she said


The day passed quickly, and dinner time was comming up soon, so she decided to get ready.

She took a shower, and did her hair. Her long brown hair, was curled to perfection. She put it half up half down, and put a pretty clip in the back. Her makeup was done perfectly as usual. She wore a casual dress that falled just bellow her butt and she wore 4 inch heels to create the perfect outfit.


"ohh come in! come in!" her mother siad down stairs

"jace, would you mind going get bella upstairs?" her mother asked jace

**knock, knock**

"bella?" jace called walking into her room

"hi!" she said smiling

"whoa, you look beautiful." he said looking shocked

"well thank you, it was nothing." she said "wanna go downstairs?"

"sure thing" he said

"Bella and jace grab yalls plates and serve." her dad said to them

They all sat around the dinner table, each family next to one another. and of coarse jace sat right next to bella. Everyone talked about each others work and activities. Bella just smiled and acted like she was paying attention.

"So Jace, Bella asked to go to a party tommorow night. since shes punished and all, we decided we would let her go only if you went with her." her mom said

Bella chocked on her water.

"Mom, what?" bella said "he really doesn't have to come, if he doesnt want too. dont force him too."

"it sounds great, ill go." jace said

she turned toward him

"dont feel like you have to go because of me." bella said

"i dont mind, its a great way to meet new people." jace said

what a great party it was gonna be. connor and jace.

but what will happen with which one?


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