The new neighbor


8. A Sweet Goodmorning

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As i walked up stairs i just kept on laughing at the thought that he may have any feelings for me. I plopped on my bed and looked out the window, Jace had just got in his room. The window shades were up so Bella could see straight into his room. He started to take off his shirt, as he was she jumped off of her bed and peeked out at the window and stared. His amazing six back made her drool, then he stripped off his jeans. "Boy, he has good calf's." she said to herself. Now he was standing in his boxer's. He peered at the window, and she immediate dunked her head so he couldn't see her. She heard someone clalling her name, she peeked to the window and it was Jace calling her name from outside. She crawled on her floor, to make it look like she was just walking in.

"Hey" she said as she opened her window to talk too.

"Shouldn't you be sleeping?" he asked with a smirk on his face

"Or should you be sleeping.' she replied

"It took you a while to get up to your room?" he asked

"Well, you see...." she was trying to think of a good lie "I took a shower."

"Your hair dry's fast.." he replied

"Well, i ate too. It dries fast." she said

"mhmmm.." he said "Well get some rest,maybe we could hang out tommorow?"

"Maybe" she said

"Alright, well sleep good." he said shutting his window.

she closed hers.

"Oh yea and thanks for the goodnight kiss too." she said to no one.

She changed into a big t-shirt and crawled under her covers. She immediately fell asleep.


"Goodmorning." Jace said

She almost fell off her bed, he scared her half to death.

"OMG! Jace you scared me." Bella said

"That was the plan." he replied "Your mom let me in, she said no one was going to be home and you were scared to sleep while there was no one home. So she asked me to stay."

"Thanks for the warning mom" she said

"You looked so peaceful in your sleep." He said laughing

"Thanks, i try to stay peaceful" she replied

She got out of bed and started walking.

"So is there breakfeast?" she asked

"No, but here's your shorts." he said to her laughing

Her face turned red to embarrassment. She's not use to having a hot neighbor that was her age. Or waking up to a boy laying on her bed.

"You come to my house, and don't even cook for me." she said changing the subject

"Chill Bella, its already 12 i think we could go eat lunch somewhere" he said 

"Yea, that would be cool." she replied

She went go lay down under the covers.

"I have an idea, we can go pick up lunch and watch movies in bed all day" she said smiling at him to say yes

"Sure, why not." he said getting under her covers.

"You better be clean sir, i sleep in here." she said

He wrapped his arms around her and said "Don't worry i am, chill beautiful."

His minty breath on her neck made tingles run down her back. Everything about him drove her crazy, his insane flirting that never happen at the right time. The only thing that drove her insanely crazy was that she was positive he had absolutely no feelings for her.

It sucks falling for a guy, when you know theres no way there falling for you back.


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