Beside You

Flashback: Roan's POV.
"So this is it I guess." I said to Calum as he stood in front of me in the airport.
"I guess so." He looked down and intertwined our fingers. He had his bags next to him and his plane ticket in the other hand.
"Calum come on!" Ashton yelled to him.
"Remember me on tour." I said, a tear rolling down my cheek.
"Don't forget me in your heart." He said, placing his hand over the skin above my heart.
"I won't, as long as you don't leave." I said through tears. "Don't ever leave." He pulled me into a hug. I lightly sobbed into his chest.
"I gotta go babe. I love you." He released me and started to walk away.
"Love you too." I smiled. He walked over to where the rest of the boys were.
"I promise that I'll come home soon!" He yelled as he walked through the doors. I stood there crying.
He'll be home soon, he promised.


2. "Oh my gosh."

   Roan's POV. 

   "Good morning sweetie." my mother said to me as I walked into the kitchen. 

   "Good morning Mom." I jumped onto the couch next to my little brother, Blake. "What are you doing Babe?" I played with his hair as he cuddled up into my arms. My brother and I were close. We always have been. We got even closer when I started dating Calum because Calum and Blake loved to hang out and I loved hanging out with them. It's nice to have a brother who doesn't bother me all the time. 

   "Just watching Music Videos." he said quietly. I sat there and watched each music video play from Katy Perry to Lady GaGa. Suddenly, my phone started to buzz. I answered the call, seeing it was Calum.

   "Hey babe." he said quickly. 

   "Hi?" I questioned a little. 

   "Look I got to go, but put on channel 71 for Music Videos now!" he said even quicker and hung up. I put my phone down.

   "Okaaaay." I said confused.

   "What'd Calum want?" Blake asked, looking up at me. 

   "Me to put on channel 71." I picked up the remote and put in channel 71. The channel changed and when I saw what was on the screen, my mouth dropped instantly.

   "Calum!" Blake yelled.

   "And Luke, Michael, and Ashton." I whispered to my self. 

   "Here we have our artist of the day, 5 Seconds Of Summer." the host, John King, said. All the boys waved. "They're going to talk about touring with One Direction, new music, and relationships, when we get back. But first, here's their latest music video, Wherever You Are, on Music Video Countdown at number 3." John said, and the screen turned to their music video. 

   "Oh my gosh." I whispered. still in shock. 

   "Oh my gosh." Blake whispered. We looked at the screen, then each other, then back at the screen. 5 Seconds of Summer was on my TV screen. My boyfriend and my boyfriend's best friends were on my TV screen. 

   Well that was unexpected. 

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