New life

My mom and I were in the living room, talking about fashion, boys, you know, girls stuff... And then we heard yelling, and weird noises. The last thing I remember, was my mom saying : Find Liam, find Liam Payne, your father... Sorry Zara.
OMG! Who? What? Where? and then everything turned black.


14. Winning the Yelling

Colten POV

"MAN! HOW COULD YA!" I yelled at Ben. He looked so mad at himself right now! I was about to forgave him and stop yelling, but then I remember how Zara was 10 minutes ago. I continued : "She is so damn smart and nice and funny and adorable, and you just come in her life, tell her you won't break her heart, and here you go! You cheated on her!" I yelled. Now, a lot of people were staring. "I MADE A MISTAKE!" He yelled back.

Then, she got out of the school. Zara was looking at us. She smirked quickly and her smiled faded when she saw Ben. She walked to me and then whispered "Colten, please. Calm down just a little bit, just A LITTLE bit." She said. I giggled and nodded. She was about to walked away, but Ben started apologizing. "Baby, please! I love you! Please! Forgive me! I did a big mistake! I don't love her! I was just a little upset about... about... something!" He said. I knew he lied, he was not upset about anything. He just wanted her back, cause, yeah, he told me how much he loved her. And it was not a lie, but what he did is unforgivable. "No Ben. I did a mistake, I thought you really liked me. But you know, I was wrong. Okay, I completely believe that you don't love Ashley. She is the same as me, another doll. And, I know you lie, you were not upset about anything. But anyway, even if you did, that just mean that when your upset, you make out with the first girl you see. I now, how can I be sure that you will not do it again!? I can't be sure! I can't trust you anymore!" She yelled, started crying. I hugged her. I laugh a little, she was really right. And Ben knew it, so it was just really funny to see his face...


Oh, damn it! She is fucking right! I fucked up! She walked away, smirking a little, just a little. And she was damn cute. But she was not mine anymore. OMFG! How could I be so damn stupid! OMFG! I'm such a douche!

Zara POV

Man, he is such a douche! I can't even think about him without being hurt and feel like a damn doll! He is soooooo stupid! I hated him soooooo much!

I saw a girl staring at me. She was really beautiful. She walked to me.

"Hi. You're the new girl, Zaria? I'm Ana Sofia. I'm sorry for Ben. But you know, you're not the first one..." She said. I nodded, of course I was not! "I dated him for a month, and like he did to you, he cheated on me with Ashley to." I nodded. She really looked nice. "Hey Ana Sofia, want to hang out and skip classes?" I asked. She nodded happily. We walked to her car and we sat in.

"Where are we going?" I asked. "To the mall babe. And just to tell you, just call me Ana. And I heard, people call you Zara." She said. "Yep, they do. So just to know a little bit about you, you have an accent. Where do you come from?" I asked to her. She smiled. "I come from Quebec in Canada, but I used to live in Colombia three years. So at home I only speak Spanish, but with my older brother I speak French, and at school, well... English." She said. I nodded. I spoke French to, well... a little French.... "Bonjour." (Hello/Hi) I said. She laughed a little. "Bonjour Zara..." She said back. We both starting to laugh really hard. "Man Ana! Why are we laughing?" I asked. It just made things even worst.

After a while, we were to the mall. We went in Forever 21 and Claire's. We laughed a lot. We saw a couple of cute boys. Ana stared to flirt with them. A guy flirted with me. I didn't flirt back. I just said. "Hey, I break up with my boyfriend today! Let me get over it!" I almost yelled, a really-tiny-little-small smile on my face, but still a little smile. he nodded understandingly and we just talked. They were skipping classes to. We had fun, but they had to left.

"Well... Timmy gave me his number!!!" Ana yelled. We laughed. "Yeah. He is cute." I said. She nodded exaggeratedly. "He is more then cute babe! He is GORGEOUS! AMAZING! AND DAMN SEXY!" She yelled louder. Everybody was now staring at us. "Shut up woman! But yeah, he's not that bad..." I answered. She rolled her eyes. "Hey, Zara, just to know, your father is Liam Payne right? I mean the Liam Payne from the boysband? One of the hot guy from One direction? Ana asked. I nodded. "LUCKY BITCH!" She said. I laughed. "Yeah, they are pretty nice, and yeah, they are still hot. And their wife are to, and they are SOOOOO cool!" I said. She nodded. "Describe them!" She said. I nodded and started my long explanation : "Well, there is Harry, he is funny and so damn hot! His wife Sylvie-Anne can't cook at all, it's quite funny... Yesterday she tried to bake a cake, and she burnt it! It was hilarious. After, there is Louis, he is OMFG so funny. When he open his mouth, he says something funny. I never laughed more than when he is saying stupid things. He is the funnier person on all the entire world. His wife Eleanor is really beautiful. She have amazing  taste in clothes. Niall eats like a real pig! He can eat three entire Big Mac in ten minutes! He is always moving and he is really funny. Noemi-Victoria is the sweetest thing ever! She have a weird name, but she is really nice. She is an amazing actor, singer and dancer! AND SHE CAN COOK! She is Sylvie-Anne's best friend. Liam and Zayn are the same... They don't talk that much, and don't wake them up if you want to stay alive! And Perrie is really funny! She sing AMAZINGLY! She always have amazing make up! And well... Sophia is kinda nice... but I don't know her that much. I know she made amazing pancakes! This is it!" I said. We started to laughed like crazy.



It's late (well... in Canada...) and I'm gonna go sleep. So goodnight lovelies! (I don't even know if it exist!)

Luv ya



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