New life

My mom and I were in the living room, talking about fashion, boys, you know, girls stuff... And then we heard yelling, and weird noises. The last thing I remember, was my mom saying : Find Liam, find Liam Payne, your father... Sorry Zara.
OMG! Who? What? Where? and then everything turned black.


24. The end

--Zara POV
“Zaria, babe, maybe we should move in an apartment together?” Ben said.
We were at home, just him and I. Talking about our future, about us.

“Ben, I don’t know… I mean, I work a lot, okay, but I don’t know if I’ll have enough money to pay the bills… And we need to save money for our wedding.” I said. Yeah, we were engaged. Officially. Dad was not THAT happy, I mean… who’s engaged at 17? Well, me!

“I’m going to work to that club, you know… I don’t remember the name. Me, James, Christopher, Aiden Tommy are kinda in a band. Like our fathers. We’ll sing at night, for a year. And they are going to pay us a lot for it.” Ben said. I nodded.

“Okay. We should. Let’s go and look for one, after school tomorrow.” I said.


I walked in my history class. There was two new HOT students, one who was sitting at my place. I walked to him.

“Sorry, it’s my place.” I said. He looked at me weirdly
“Well, sunshine, there are seats all over the room. Go find another one!” He said
“Don’t call me sunshine. And why don’t you go sit somewhere else! I’ll be happy, you’ll have a seat.” I said. He got up and left, after pushing me with his shoulder.
“Her boyfriend is going to kill you.” Jasmin said at the new guy.
“And my brother and I are going to kill him.” The other said. “I’m Jonathan Bieber, and this is Anthony Bieber… You know, Justin Bieber’s sons!” He continued.
“Yeah, well, I’m Liam Payne’s daughter. My boyfriend is Harry Styles’ son, so shut the fuck up” I said angrily. I hated them officially.


Ben and I were looking for an apartment, not to big, but not small. Dad said he’ll pay half of it, and Ben’s dad he’ll pay the other half. So we decided to choose a quite small one. Darcy was here with us.

“Hey, did you guys pick a date for your wedding.” Darcy asked exited
“Yeah. July 29.” Ben said happily.
“Nice, I really can’t wait! And after, there will be kids after, and then I’ll be an aunt!” She said happily and excited. It was quite funny actually.
“Darcy, calm you tits. We’re not planning on having kids anytime soon. And even if we would, you would not be an aunt, but a godmother.” I said, making them giggled.


We visited a couple condo, and three apartments. I had a heart attack when I saw one of the condo. I was literally in love with it. It was quite big, but not expensive. The dream! Ben decided to buy it. Dad and Harry gave us money, so we paid, and in 1 month, we’ll be able to live there. I was so excited.
We went home, and started to talk with the lads and Dad. They were happy for us. James looked quite sad, but happy at the same time… I hugged him tightly.

“James, I love you. You’re my brother and nothing is going to change that!” I said
He nodded and we talked about everything. His new girlfriend, he said he was not ready to talk about her a lot. So, I didn’t know her name or anything. Just that he was IN LOVE with her. I was happy for him.


The next day, I was at school, happy and in love with Ben, more than ever. We talked yesterday and he said he could not have a better girlfriend than me. I was crying a little… ;)

“Well, today we’ll work on a team project. I’m going to make the teams. Okay, first Darcy and James. Zara and Anthony.” Mrs Anderson said. But I stopped listening. Fuck! Not him! Oh god…. Kill me. Shit!
“Mrs Anderson? Can I please be with someone else?” I asked when she finished with the team.
“Nope, not today Miss Payne” She said. I groaned. Anthony was the worst pervert ever! He was disgusting. He walked to me.
“Hey… maybe we could do our project at my home… ALONE!” He asked with a flirting tone
“Never in a million years!” I said angrily.
“Feisty… I like that!” he said. I slapped him hard.
“Shut up. Now let’s do our project!” He groaned and we did our project. It was the worst day of my life… No, not the worst. The first place was officially the death of Miley. I felt my eyes tear up.
“What’s up with you?!” He asked. I just tried not to cry. He looked at me weirdly and I left. I was not able to stand this.

I ran to Ben’s class, which was History. I knocked and when the teacher opened the door, Ben saw me crying. He ran to me.
“Hey, babe what’s up?!” He asked
“I miss her” I answered.
“Shut, sweetie. It’s okay. Let’s go home now.” He said, I saw an only tear on his cheek. I nodded and took his hand. We walked home like that.


Okay, we were nothing like THE perfect couple ever. Okay, we had a tough past. Okay, we had a couple enemies. But we loved each other, and that was enough for now.







Hey guys... Sorry so much for the LOOONG waiting... I was busy like hell at school. But now, I'm working on the sequel. I had such a great time to writ this movella... Thanks to all the readers. Like, fav and comment. fan me if you want!

Luv ya all my little ladybugs

PS : I'll tell you when the sequel will be published.

xxxxx (again)  ;)

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