New life

My mom and I were in the living room, talking about fashion, boys, you know, girls stuff... And then we heard yelling, and weird noises. The last thing I remember, was my mom saying : Find Liam, find Liam Payne, your father... Sorry Zara.
OMG! Who? What? Where? and then everything turned black.


7. Shopping

Zara POV

When we walked in the mall, a couple of girls were staring at Aiden, Ben and Tommy like they were kinda... demi-god! it was getting on my nerves! "Why are they looking at you like that!" I said to Ben, who was beside me. "Well, babe, they think we are demi-gods!" he said. "Mommy? What's a demi-god?" Miley said. "Nothing baby girl. Want to go to this shop?" I said showing her a shop. She smiled and nodded. We all walked into it and Ben started to flirted with one of the girls that was working in there. I felt weird, was that jalousie? NO, ZARA NO! NOT BEN! NOT AIDEN! NOT TOMMY! NO ONE!!!! AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!! Stupid heart! But yeah, they are cute! NO! I CAN'T FALL FOR THEM! But they are nice, funny, cute and Tommy is ready to be with Miley! Oh... stop to confused me stupid brain!


Zara started to act weird... like she was jealous! OMG! Is she jealous?

Zara POV

We bought a few clothes for her and then went in a shoes store. We bought shoes for my baby and Ben was trying some high heels for fun. He was so funny! 

"Oh, look! Those shoes are so wonderful! They make me feel like I'm the queen of The WORLDDDDD...." Ben said, taking a little girl voice. It made me laugh harder. Miley was confused "Mom, why Ben is acting like you?" She asked. The boys laughed. Yes, I was like this with shoes, but I never said I felt like the Queen of the World! "Cause he is a guy" I said. I didn't want Miley to heard all the things I was about to say to Ben so I just texted him.

You stupid guy! I'm not that bad with shoes! I'm gonna do the same, but with football and cap!

- Zara

I heard Ben's phone made a weird sound, he looked at his phone and laugh. He texted back, smiling.

Go head, I would love to see you doing that, and in front of your daughter... It would be wonderfullllllllllll :)

- Ben

He showed the conversation to Aiden and Tommy, that started to laughed really loud and now everybody was looking at us. I decided to do what they want me to do. I took Miley's hand and whispered in her ear : "Baby, mommy is going to do something crazy that Ben want's mommy to do, ok?" She nodded. I started to acted like I won a match of football, in a male voice "YEAH! YEAH! MAN WE WON! THEY ***** THEY ARE LOSERS!!!!" I yelled. Miley was laughing. Ben was laughing and Aiden, Darcy and Tommy were playing my games and were doing like they were other guys of the winner's team. It was so.... funny! After one or two minutes of acting we stopped. I texted Ben

I did it! Now I'm hungry let's go eat and you pay for me and Miley because I did what you want me to do!

- Zara

I saw Ben looking at the text "NO!!!" He said. But I just nodded. We walked out and went to eat. Miley was in Tommy's arms and Ben was holding my hand. Aiden was talking with Darcy. Girls were still looking at us. I felt uncomfortable. "Ben! Why are they looking at us" I whispered. "Well, they know that we are the most popular guys in our school, and good football players or hockey players, and plus that we are 1D's kids. So, girls always wanted to go out with us, but with me, it was not serious, it was just flirting. With Aiden and Tommy, it was nothing, they never had real girlfriend in their life." He whispered back. I nodded. After the dinner, we went out the shop. We were walking to the car, but paps were now surrounding us. They took pictures of me and Ben holding hands. Miley was in Ben's arm and with the others hand, he was holding my hands. I was claustrophobe, when Ben saw I was panicking, he hold me tightly and he pushed to paps away. Tommy did the same with Darcy and Aiden. Darcy was like me, a little claustrophobe. When we arrived in the limo, Theodor drove home.



"ZARA!" I heard Dad yelled. "BEN, DARCY" I heard Harry yelled. "AIDEN" I heard Louis yelled. "TOMMY" I heard Zayn yelled. Niall didn't scream anything. We made our way to the kitchen where the adults were. Sylvie-Anne had Miley's sitting in her laps. She was nice, and she was match perfectly with Harry. And I kinda LOOOOOOVE her name! It's special and Sylvie-Anne was special, in a good way. She was like a teen sometimes.... Anyway. "Noemi-Victoria and Sylvie-Anne went in a high school name Arts High School. I would LOOOOVVE that you Zara will go in this school..." Dad started. "Don't worry love, all our kids are going there, well... not the young ones, but you know... the teens" Sylvie-Anne said. I laughed a little and smiled. "I would LOOVVE to go in that school, but Miley need to go somewhere, and she can't just go with me. So I can't go. Sorry. Plus, I don't do a lot of Arts, you know... " I said. "For Miley, she could just stay here, cause anyway, Max and Corry are staying home all day. When Miley will have 5, she will go at school, and you know, do all the things a normal girl do." Eleanor said. She was really nice to, and was PERFECT for Louis. I nodded, thought a little. "Oh... come on please.... Zara!" Darcy said. I thought quickly again. "Oh... alright, but I don't do anything artistic." I said. "Liar" Ben said again. "What?" I asked confused. "You sing amazingly." Ben said. "So, you will go in the singing classes with Darcy and Nayla. "Alright then" Miley looked at me "Mommy, will come back, are you?" She said. I nodded. "Yes baby girl, I'm always gonna come back for you" I said. She smiled. I hears Aiden saying something like "Ah... how's that cute" Ben and Tommy laughed a little. Miley came to me and hugged me tightly. "I love you mommy" She said. "I love you more Miley" I whispered.



OMG! I DONT KNOW WHICH ONE ZARA WILL TAKE!!!! help me please! I really don't know which one to choose... Tommy or Ben? Tommy or Ben? Or Aiden? HELP ME SOMONE! Oh, and if you want to be in the story, tell me your name and your gonna be one of Zara's friend at school. Cause, you know, because I speak French, the names in French and English are not the same... I kinda don't know how to call the new characters... HELP!!!!

Luv you all




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