New life

My mom and I were in the living room, talking about fashion, boys, you know, girls stuff... And then we heard yelling, and weird noises. The last thing I remember, was my mom saying : Find Liam, find Liam Payne, your father... Sorry Zara.
OMG! Who? What? Where? and then everything turned black.


21. Over

9 months later

Zara POV

I was crying my eyes out every night. Ben was telling me it's gonna be okay every night. But every night, I know it will not. Miley was not able to walk anymore, she barely remember us. She looked so fragile, it was heart breaking to see her little face, she looked hurt, destroy. She was as white as a ghost, and she was soooooo tiny. Liam was crying with me sometime. Sylvianne was always there for me, even with her to new babies, which was finally a girl and a boy (Vikki and Jace) and I was Vikki's godmother, Ben the godfather. Aiden and Darcy were Jace's godparents.

One day, Maddi, Jasmin, Darcy, Marika and Chloe were home and they were making Miley laughing, which was really tough those days...

"Mommy, and don't feel good, I have a big stomachache! Where's dad?!" Miley said, starting to cry. Dr. Drake told us that if she has a stomachache, we needed to go see her quick.

"Baby, we are going to go see Dr. Drake okay..." I started to say, Miley started to cry hard. I was afraid, we ran downstairs, I took Ben's arm. He was with some friends of his, I didn't really know their names...

"What's up baby? Why are you crying?!" He asked while walking outside the house.

"Miley have a stomachache Ben. We need to go see Dr. Drake quick." I almost yelled, crying.

"Miley, come with daddy," Ben said, he took Miley in his arms and we left in Ben's new car, cause now he can drive. I saw the girls talking to Ben's friend. They knew Miley was sick, and they all loved her, even Ben's friend, the ones I barely know.

We arrived at the Hospital, Miley was crying and saying "It hurts mommy, it hurts daddy" It was more than heart breaking. Ben looked on the verge of tears, but he stayed strong for Miley.

We entered in the Hospital and nurses came at us, running, at the second they knew Miley had a big strong stomachache. I was stressed like hell. Ben was now crying. We followed the nurses and Miley, who was in a heal chair.

What if she died?

What if she died?

What if she died?

It was the only words I was able to think about.

They brought her in a room and told us to wait outside. The first thing I did was to sat down and cry my eyes out.

"Sweetie, she is going to be okay. I'm sure she is." He said. I know he just said that to make me feel better, and it doesn't worked at all.

"Ben, we should probably call our dads and moms, shall we? And Darcy, and Aiden, and Tommy... Oh.... Everyone!" I said/yelled.

"Yeah babe, you're completely right. Let's call them. I call our families and you call our closest friends. Okay?" He said. I nodded.

Ten minute later, everyone was one their way here.


Dad and Sofia, the four other lads, their girlfriends and their kids were all here, with us. Maddi, Chloe, Jasmin and Ana were here to with a couple of Ben's friend, which a almost knew all of them. Our friends and family, the persons we needed the most now, we're there for us.

"Zara, babe, she is going to be okay. I promise." Dad say.

"Don't make promise you can't keep" I answered, still crying.

He shook his head, letting a few tears escape.

My baby, my little girl. She was going to die, if it's not today, she will soon. To soon. I don't want her to let me all alone in this cruel world. She is the light of my day, like my own sun. She is like a flower, fragile, but so strong to stay alive with all the strong winds who try to pouch her down. She is so beautiful, she is my baby. My everything. I wish I had the brain tumor and that I died, not her. I would do anything to keep her alive. I would die for her. It made me think about something :


"Mommy, were is your mommy?" Miley asked curiously.

"My mommy is an angel Miley. She is with your real parents, they are angels to, and they protect you." I answered, not sure of what I was saying was correct for a 3 years old girl.

"But where are the angels?" She asked.

"Well, they are everywhere, but mostly in heaven sweetie, but they are in our hearts too." I answered

"Okay. so when I will be old old old, older than uncle Louis, I will be an angel?" She asked I didn't know what to answer...

"Yeah. But sweetie, this is not for now, you will be old, old, old, a lot older than uncle Louis when you will become an angel." I answered.


"Dad, she will not die, will she?" I asked Dad.

"I don't know Zara, I hope not." He answered. I looked at Colten and James, they were both crying, it was the first time I saw them like that.

The nurse got out of the room. She looked at us sadly.

"I'm really sorry, Miley passed out, she is gone" She said.

My whole world was black and darkness was all I could see.



Sorry, she died, for real. I will do 3-4 chapters and it will be over, I think. Should I do a sequel? Comment, fav, like,

Luv ya



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