New life

My mom and I were in the living room, talking about fashion, boys, you know, girls stuff... And then we heard yelling, and weird noises. The last thing I remember, was my mom saying : Find Liam, find Liam Payne, your father... Sorry Zara.
OMG! Who? What? Where? and then everything turned black.


4. Maybe whitout my daughter...????

*****ONE DAY LATER*****

I was crying in the car of 1D. They brought me in my sleep, in this stupid car, with them, stupid guys, without my LOVLY daughter, without my LOVLY boyfriend and my LOVLY friends... "Stop to cry Zara" Liam said. "I miss my daughter!" I cried. "You are my daughter" Liam said. "And she is mine" I answered. And continues to cry. Harry hugged me tightly. "You will get over it. You will met new people, you will go in a new school and have a lot of new friends, new brothers and a step-mother" Liam said. "But Liam, it was my daughter!" "I'M SORRY!!! But I love you and you are my daughter! I couldn't have another one at the same time."

******TWO HOURS LATER*****

I was now "home". Nice... (note the sarcasm) I walked in with Liam. Harry was holding my hand. He was really nice. The first second I was inside. I heard like 50 teens and kids walking to met me. And there was really like 50 kids and teens coming. "OK...Zara, this is the kids of the lads. Kids, this is my daughter Zara" Liam said. "I will not be your daughter if I don't get mine back" I said rudely. "You've got a daughter?" Said a cute guy about my age. "Yes." I said. They looked confused. "She is not my real daughter, but she was with me at the Orphanage and she was one when I first met her, a year ago. Now she is two and she call me mom. Well... called me" I said sadly. Tears streaming down my face. "Hey, don't cry. I understand you. Dad, you shouldn't take her away at her daughter. Just think about it, imagine Rosa without Jamie!" Said the same guy. Liam didn't answer. The guy held my hand and brought me upstairs in my bedroom.

"Sorry for your daughter Zara. I'm Tommy Malik" He said. I smiled. He hugged me tightly. "Thank you for everything" I said. He smiled and 6 other cute guys came in. "Hello Zaria." One of them said, he actually looked like me. "Hi, just call me Zara" I said. "Sorry Zara, this is Ben Styles, Aiden Tomlinson, Christopher Horan, James Payne, Matt Payne and I am Coltan Payne." He said. "Why don't you want us to call you Zaria, it's such a great name..." Ben said in a flirty voice. I just wanted to slapped him. "I've got a daughter." I said rudely. "I don't care" he continued. "Ok, Ben, leave Zara alone" Tommy, Coltan, Matt and James said at the same time. I started to laugh. What if my life here will be nicer than the other one? What if they are nice? What if a fall in love?



Ok, this is not the best chapter, it's just because I'm really tired. Anyway, if you want to tell me your name to be in the story, writ it in a comment. Like and fav :)

Goodnight lovely readers ;)



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