New life

My mom and I were in the living room, talking about fashion, boys, you know, girls stuff... And then we heard yelling, and weird noises. The last thing I remember, was my mom saying : Find Liam, find Liam Payne, your father... Sorry Zara.
OMG! Who? What? Where? and then everything turned black.


2. London's Orphanage


The teens in the Orphanage were very nice, but the babies were my best friends. One of them was two years old, and her name was Miley. She was lovely. When I came in London's Orphanage, she was one, and since, she's like my daughter. She   even called me mom....She was my reason to stay here. Miley was EXACTLY like m daughter, I mean, I changed her diaper, I brought her in the bath, I fed her, She is always with me! Juliette started to take care of Clary, one of the two other babies. Juliette's friend; Marissa, took care of the only baby boy, Harry, yes like Harry Styles. But his name was Harry Brown. If I find out Liam, and if he wants me, he would need to accept Miley with me. Now, I called her Miley Payne, cause, yeah, I called myself a Payne now. I still hope to find my father. And there is no chance for me to being adopted, cause since I'm here, nobody as being adopted, people don't want to adopt kids, they want babies!

"Mommy? I'm hungry" Miley said to me. I took her in my arms. "Oh, let's eat baby girl. Do you want Juliette or Marissa to cook?" I asked, I just CAN'T cook. "No, I want Justin to cook" She said with her little cute voice. Oh... Justin was my boyfriend, and Miley called him Dad. So, yeah, our little family. He was actually 17 and I was 16, so everything was alright. I nodded. I called Justin and he made his way to the kitchen. I smiled and he kissed my cheek and Miley's. Miley and I went in the living room, were Marissa and Juliette were talking while Harry and Clary were playing, and my baby went with them. I sat with the girls and we talked. When diner was ready -Justin made some for every family- so we ate. After like, ten minutes of eating, I heard some male unfamiliar voices I went down in the reception of the Orphanage and saw five familiar boys.



Sorry this chapter is really short. My name is Danielle and I speak French, so IM REALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYY SOOOOORRRRRYYYY for the mistakes. It's my first movellas, so, be cool ;) In the next chapter, they're will be more action... I promise. I'll update soon.

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