New life

My mom and I were in the living room, talking about fashion, boys, you know, girls stuff... And then we heard yelling, and weird noises. The last thing I remember, was my mom saying : Find Liam, find Liam Payne, your father... Sorry Zara.
OMG! Who? What? Where? and then everything turned black.



It's been three stupid days I left the Orphanage. Yes, three fucking days without my daughter! I WANT HER BACK! Tommy was really nice, my new family too, but I'm SO mad at Liam, I don't talk to him. Matt was 11 and he was SOOOO serious! But he was nice. Masson was 7 and he was cute and funny, Colten was 15 and he was already overprotective, like James, that was 15 to, and the twin of James, but he was less protective, and so funny! Avery was my only sister and she was 13, we talked about boys, fashion, and a lot about Miley. I WANT HER BACK!

"Hey Zaria, want to come shopping with Darcy, Aiden, Tommy and I?" It was Ben. He always called me Zaria, and not Zara. I hated that! But I always loved flirting, so he's my flirting mate! "Yeah, why not! I'm coming Styles Junior" I said back. He groaned. He HATED when I called him "Styles Junior". I walked in the living room and there was no Ben, no Aiden or Darcy or even Tommy. "Guys, where are you?" I yelled. "Zara, we've got a BIG surprise for you babe! We're in the kitchen!" I heard Tommy yelled. "Thanks" I yelled back, and made my way to the kitchen. I heard someone crying, but familiar cries... IMPOSSIBLE! "MILEY!!!!" I screamed when I saw her beautiful face. "MOMMY!" She yelled, running to me. "OMG! Baby girl!" I said holding her tightly in my arms. "Mom! Where am I?" She asked. I was crying. "We are at home baby!" Tommy was laughing, Darcy (Darcy Styles, my new best friend) too. I put my baby down and looked at the others "Guys, does Liam know?" I asked confused. "Yes, it was my idea, I thought about it and it was not right. She is YOUR daughter. I'm sorry Zara" Liam said, walking in the kitchen. "Thanks dad" I said. He hugged me tightly.



Zara called me dad! OMG! She called me DAD!!! I can't believe it! SHE IS NOW MY DAUGHTER!!!!!


Zara POV

"Mommy? Can we go shopping, I don't have many clothes, and this house is HUUUUUGE and I don't have enough clothes to live in this house!" She said. I started to laugh. "Heumm.... baby, when I'm gonna work, you will have new clothes, for now..." I started, but Liam stopped me "NO! I AM LIAM PAYNE I'VE GOT ENOUGH MONEY FOR MY TWO BABIES" He yelled, smiling. "But dad..." "There is no but dad... this is my credit card, use it and by all the clothes Darcy want you to by, like this, you will not come back with no clothes, she will decide which one you will by. An now, goodbye girls and boys" He pushed us outside the kitchen so made our way to the car, outside. The limo driver was Theodor, and he was REALLY OLD!

"To the mall Theodor, please" Darcy said. Miley was beside me and she quickly fell asleep on my shoulder. "Your daughter is really nice. She is very cute" Tommy said. I felt weird when he's around. "Thank you, she is so nice! But I will never have a boyfriend now, I mean... Which guy would want to have a girlfriend that have a 2 years old girl?" I said mi-serious mi-joking. "Well, I would not mine" He said. And after, blushed a little he was so cute when he blushed! WHAT? NO! YOU CAN'T FALL FOR HIM!


Tommy POV

Did I really said that out loud? I blushed a little. Zara looked at me thinking about something. Then I heard my phone buzzed, meaning that I received a text.

Man you like her! Just tell her!


I blushed and looked at him, madly. And texted back



"Liar" Ben said out loud. ARG! "What?" Darcy said. "Nothing" I answered quickly. "What's going on" She asked back. I looked at Zara, she was now asleep. She looked so peaceful... NO! TOMMY! DON'T FALL FOR HER!

"Tommy like Zara." Ben said. "I don't" I said. "I knew it! She likes you too. She just don't want to go to fast plus she have a daughter, and she barely know us" Darcy said. WHAT? YES!!!!!!!! WHAT! NO!!!!!! I CAN'T FALL FOR HER TOMMY!!!!!!! NO WAY!



What's that weird feeling? Is it jalousie?



Hello! Which team are you in? Team Tara Mayne? Or team Zen Stayne? I don't know if some of you speak French, or if the word zen exist in English, but it does in French, so it's really funny Zen Stayne! If some of you speak French, tell me! I like to know I'm not the only one that speak French. ;) AND tell me the name of one of your stories, I like to read other stories!

Luv you all







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