New life

My mom and I were in the living room, talking about fashion, boys, you know, girls stuff... And then we heard yelling, and weird noises. The last thing I remember, was my mom saying : Find Liam, find Liam Payne, your father... Sorry Zara.
OMG! Who? What? Where? and then everything turned black.


10. First day of school

Zara POV

Today was my first day of school. I was a little nervous, but Marika, Darcy and Nayla said that they will be with me and showed me up to their gang. The talked about three girls that I will probably like; Jasmin, Chloe and Maddi. It seems that Christopher had a crush on Jasmin...

I took a quick shower, dry my hair and put some clothes and make up on. I went downstairs to eat my breakfast. Everybody was walking there and there. It was kinda funny to see everybody talk, laugh and run. When we were all ready, we went outside. But before, Dad came up to me.

"Oh, Zaria... I'm so glad that you are my daughter! I love you with all my heart!" He said. "I love you to dad" I said. We hugged tightly and pulled away. I sat next to Ben and Darcy. Marika was talking to Aiden. They likes each other! It was 110% sure.

"Zaria, every thing will be alright. At the dinner, all of our gang meet up outside with our lunch and we eat there. With all the popular people." Ben said. I nodded. "And, I will eat there?" I asked, not sure. "WELL YES!!!!! You are Darcy's and Marika's best friend! And you are one of mine! You will soon be popular" He said. I was kinda shocked. "ok..." I said, unsure. Theodor drove to Arts High School. We went out. Everybody were looking at us. I was intimidated. "Hey! Darc! Mari! Nayla!" 3 girls yelled, running to us. All the girls hugged. "Hey, this is Jasmin, Chloe and Maddi. This is Ben's girlfriend, Zara." Marika said. "HEY! I AM NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND!" I lied. "yet..." Darcy said. They laughed. The 3 girls hugged me, they seemed really nice. "So, Jasmin, do you know that Christopher have a crush on you" I asked. She blushed, but the other girls looked at me, kinda mad. "Christopher is gonna kill you" Maddi said. "Yeah, he already try." I said, remember when we played truth or dare. "What? When?" Chloe asked. "When we played truth or dare, he dare me to make out with Ben, twice! And the second time, for 10 minutes, and he put videos and photos on Twitter!" I said. The girls laughed. "It was you!" Jasmin said. "Yeah" I answered. "Everybody saw that video! And now everybody knows that Ben like a girl, cause he likes you, it's sure!" Chloe said. "Do you like him?" Maddi asked. Do I like him? Yes. We were dating in their back!!!! I decided to lie, like a lot! "hum... I don't know! I mean, yes, but no at the same time!" I said. They all nodded. "I feel the same for Christopher" Jasmin said. I saw the boys playing football outside. There was a girl watching them, and screamed when Ben goaled. "Who is she?" I asked. "This is Ashley, she's a real bitch" Maddi said. I nodded.

Maddi had red hair and green eyes. Chloe had black hair and blue eyes. Jasmin had blond hair and grey eyes.

We went in our first class, singing class. The teacher, Mrs. Brown introduced me. "Hey! This is the new student, Zaria Payne. Please Zaria, tell us a little about you" She said. I nodded, intimidated. "Well... Everyone call me Zara. I'm 16, I've got a daughter, not my real daughter, we went in the same Orphanage and she became like my daughter. She is 2, her name is Miley. I like to sing, I hate to dance. I like to go shopping, I like to play football." I said. Everybody looked shocked about Miley. I sat next to Darcy and Jasmin. Maddi and Chloe looked at me and Jasmin asked. "You've got a daughter? It's cool! We will show you to Rosa, one of our friend! Se have a daughter to! Her name is Jamie! She is LOVELY!" I nodded, happy not to be the only one. The teacher asked something REALLY embarrassing. "Zaria, I would love to hear you sing! Can you please sing our favorite song" She asked. "hum..." "don't be shy! You will have to sing in front of us anyway!" Mrs. Brown said. I nodded and got up. I thought about my favorite song. I finally pick When I was your man by Bruno Mars.

I started to sing, shyly at the beginning, but I started to feel great, so I sang loudly and loudly. And at the end, I sang quietly, and then, it was finish. Everybody clapped. I felt good after singing. "WOW!!! You are amazing!" Mrs. Brown said. "Thank you" I said shyly.

After the third first classes, it was dinner time. Jasmin, Maddi, Chloe, Nayla, Marika, Darcy and I went outside with our lunches. The guys were already there. Ben walked to me and we hugged. He kissed my cheek, after James, Colten, Aiden, Christopher and Tommy did. Ben took my hand and brought me to met his friends. "So, this is Joey, Mick, Cedric, Marco, Oliver, David and Alexander. Guys, this is..." He started. "His girlfriend" Marika finished. "NO!" We said at the same time, blushing a little. "Yeah, yeah, and I'm Jesus!" Marika said. Everybody laughed, but not me, not Ben and not Colten. Surprise!? Not really. Everybody that was not eating with us was looking at me. Probably because they dreamt to be here for years now, and I came up the first day and I have my place there, with the popular persons. I was lucky.

The rest of the day at school went well. I was happy to see Ben again. It was so difficult not to kiss him! At home, we will! Theodor drove us home. Maddi, Chloe and Jasmin were with us. They will stay for the night and tomorrow, borrow us clothes. It's gonna be a GIRL PARTY!!! On a Monday, but still a GIRL PARTY!!!! But it's kinda sad, I will not be able to be with my boyfriend all the afternoon, but we will have a GIRL PARTY!!!!!!!!!!! It's gonna be funny!



Finally, I choose Ben... for now! ;) No, I'm just kidding... or not! Ahahaha! Well thank you to (I don't know if she minds if I put her pseudonym, so I just don't) the girl that help me with the names of the new characters! Thank you so much! And thank you to all the nice persons who put nice comments! Anyway, I don't know if I will be able to update tomorrow, cause I'm going out to my friend house, for school project. But I promise I'll try very hard!

Luv you all



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