New life

My mom and I were in the living room, talking about fashion, boys, you know, girls stuff... And then we heard yelling, and weird noises. The last thing I remember, was my mom saying : Find Liam, find Liam Payne, your father... Sorry Zara.
OMG! Who? What? Where? and then everything turned black.


11. Battle, Z vs B

Zara POV

When we entered into the house, the first thing I said, was something like "I need to go pick something in my bedroom. I will come back in like ten minutes" I looked at Ben, to make sure he understood what I meant. He nodded quickly. I went upstairs. 30 seconds later, he was in my bedroom with me. He closed the door.

"Zaria... It was SOOOOO difficult not to kiss you today" He whispered coming closer to me. Then we kissed. 10 minutes long. Then I heard someone knocking at the door. "Shit" I said. I pushed Ben out the bed where nobody will see him and went opened the door.

It was Chloe, Jasmin, Maddi, Marika and Darcy. "Yo girls what's up." I said quit nervous. "Hum... where's Ben?" Maddi asked. I heard Ben getting up. shit...

"Ben, you've got lipsticks around your mouth" Darcy said, laughing. We both blushed. He past his hand on his mouth to take off the lipsticks. "OMG! So you two are together?!" Marika asked, exited. He nodded. I nodded. He blushed. I blushed. "Don't tell anyone!" I said. The girls nodded.



It was 8 pm and our girl party started. There was Darcy, Marika, Aria, Lauren, Melina, Jane, Melissa, Avery, Maddi, Jasmin, Chloe, Miley and I, well all the girls. We decided to watch a movie, and after we will do a little karaoke.  We choose the movie This is us, about 1D. We will laugh!!!

After the movie, we did the karaoke. I was the first. I sang Miss Moving on by Fifth Harmony. After, it was Miley's turn. She sang with me Isn't she lovely. The second our song was finish, all the boys came in the living room. They started to sing Still the One by 1D. It was really funny. We decided to do a battle. A battle is a competition that against a girl and a boy. They need to sing songs about a subject.

"Well, the battle of today will against Zara and Ben! The subject is: Zara, you find out Ben cheated on you. Ben, you want her back, but she is mad at you and don't even want to look at you" Christopher said. I nodded. I already have some ideas of which songs I will sing. "1, 2, 3, GO" Marika said.

I started to sing Jar of hearts. (by Christina Perri)

He sang Still the One (by 1D)

I sang Go screw yourself (by Avery)

He sang Gotta be you (by 1D)

I sang Miss Moving on (by Fifth Harmony)

He sang Nobody compares (1D)

I sang Cry me a river (by I don't know who)

He started to get discourage, and me to.

I sang Can't get you outta my mind (by Kaya)

After, Christopher talked "Another thing, Zara, you moved on and ben you're sad, and you want her back" he said. We nodded.

He sang Loved you first (by 1D)

I sang Taken (by 1D)

He sang I would

I sang I knew you were trouble (by Taylor Swift)

And we sang a couple more songs. I started to get REALLY discourage, and then, Ben sang When I was your man. It was SOOOOOOO beautiful! I started to cry quietly. He saw it and smirked at me. After the song, he came and kiss me in front of everybody. Miley said "Discussing" We laughed. "If you broke her heart I'm gonna broke your face!" Colten said. Ben nodded. He kissed my nose. He blushed he whispered "Your cute when you blush" I just made things worst. He laughed and smirked. Christopher said that battle finished Tie. I was happy, Ben was happy, and now everybody knows about us. I hope it's gonna be alright...



Hello! It was not the best chapter, cause I need to hurry, I'm gonna be late to my friend house! Hey, and I don't know if you did it in your life, but I did a battle onse, and it was the same subject and I sang the same songs as Zara

Bye Luv you






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