New life

My mom and I were in the living room, talking about fashion, boys, you know, girls stuff... And then we heard yelling, and weird noises. The last thing I remember, was my mom saying : Find Liam, find Liam Payne, your father... Sorry Zara.
OMG! Who? What? Where? and then everything turned black.


8. A night with them = FUN!!!!!!!/or not...

Zara POV

At 10 pm, Aiden, Darcy, Ben, Tommy, Colten, James, Will, Jane, Marika, Noah, Christopher, Nayla and I were in the living room alone. We decided to play games without the youngest kids. It's gonna be FUNNY!

"Guys, we could play truth or dare." I said. I LOVED this game, when it's not my turn... They all nodded. "I WANT TO START" Ben yelled.

"Alright, Marika, truth or dare" ben asked. She thought a little, but said "Hum... definitely truth" Ben thought, but laughed. "Who would you want to kiss to most in Aiden, Tommy, Colten and James" He said. She panicked a little. "I change for dare" She said. "Ahahaha! I dare you to kiss one of us" He said. She didn't have the choice. She looked at Colten. He nodded. And they both blushed. And they kissed. It was a real kiss. We clapped. It was really funny!

"Ben, truth or dare" She asked, wanted to take her revenge. "I don't wanna do my girly, but truth" He said. Marika laughed. "Do you like a girl. I mean, LIKE! Not just for flirting!" She said. Ben looked like he was about to past out "hum... Yes?" He said. We were all surprised. "Tommy truth or dare" Ben said. "Dare" Tommy answered. " Go in the street and screamed like a girl everywhere that you have sponge bob underwear." He said. Tommy laughed and went in the street, screaming "I HAVE SPONGE BOB UNDERWEAR!!!!" We were all laughing hard. "James, truth or dare" Tommy asked, getting in. "Dare" He said. "Go wake up my dad and told him you did a big nightmare, you were going to be eaten by bugs" Tommy said. Oh, poor James! Zayn is SO going to kill him! It's gonna be funny! James looked like he was going to past out. I laughed. He walked upstairs and we heard "JAMES!!!!!!! GET OUT" it was Zayn. James get back in the living room. He was laughing. "Zayn and Perrie were about to... you know...." We all started to laughed. "OMG! My eyes are still bleeding" He yelled, wanted Zayn to hear.

"Zara, truth or dare" James said. "Dare" I said. I HATED truth. So I always say Dare. Anyway, "I can't give a good dare, it's my sister, it's not gonna be funny. So Christopher, please, give my sister a GOOD and FUNNY Dare" James said. OH!!! Shoot! Christopher was the guy that gave the most embarrassing dare! "I dare you to kiss Ben." "WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!" I said. Ben walked closer to me. I ran into the kitchen. Ben was fallowing me. "Hey, it's not like it will meant anything anyway!" He said. I froze, ouch! That hurts a lot! "Yeah, your right. But..." I started. He kissed me. Softly, for no reason, just like that. "What was that for" I asked. "To make you shut up!" He said, smiling. He took my hand and brought me in the living room. "Just one kiss?" he said. They all nodded, but Christopher said something else "No, a kiss with all the stuff you know..." He said, smiling. Right now I was about to kill him! "OMG!" I just said. Then, Ben kissed me. Softly, at the beginning, but we started to kiss each other passionately, we kissed like 5 minutes, and after, we pulled away. I felt butterflies in my stomach, and I felt weird. I blushed and Ben sat don on the couch. Christopher pushed me on him. Not to hard, just to make me fell on Ben. We both blushed.

"Wow, Zara, your the first to make Ben blushed" Said Noah. We just blushed harder. "Ah... you LOVE each other!" Nayla said. She started to mimed kissing. Everyone laughed, but Colten was not! Definitely not! He looked at me, and made me blushed A LOT. I sat beside Ben and put my head in his chest, like that nobody will see me blushed again and again!


OMG! We kissed! AND I BLUSHED! ME, BEN STYLES! I BLUSHED! Is it really possible? I never blushed for anyone... and now, I blushed for a girl a knew about a week ago! WTF?! It was the best kiss I ever had in my whole life! I felt weird, I was SO happy after it! I think I might be in love with her... am I?

Tommy POV

They like each other, she don't like me! She like him, I might started to try to move on... I know, it's soon, but I'm like that, a girl don't like me, I start to move on soon, cause, the sooner I started, less I'm gonna be hurt....


THEY KISSED! I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT! SHE WILL BE MY SISTER!!! Well... she is already like my sister, but anyway! But I'm sad for Tommy! I hoped Aiden didn't like her... yes, cause, I kinda... like him. No, ok... I LOVE him. And not in the friend way...

Marika POV

THEY KISSED!!! I'm so happy for them, cause they like each other, it's sure! But I'm kinda sad... cause it's sure Tommy liked her to...

Zara POV

the game continued. Everybody played 1 time. This was the last round. "Ben, truth or dare" Christopher asked. "Dare" "You will make out with Zara another time, and we are going to take pictures and videos and we are going to put that on Twitter" He said. OH FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Alright." Ben said. He came closer and his lips touched mine. It was AMAZING. I felt butterflies in my stomach. He put his hands on my waist, and I put my arms around his neck. We make out 5 minutes. Then pulled away. "Hey! I was not finish! Continue" Christopher yelled. I rolled my eyes and we continued. After a LONG 10 minutes of make out session, Christopher said it was ok. Then, he put all the videos and the pictures on Twitter. It's gonna be embarrassing!

We decided to go to bed. I went in my bedroom. Ben came with me... WHY?

"Zaria... I've got something I want to ask..."



I love the way it end! Probably not you, but it makes me laugh! Anyway, please, I need your help for the names of the new characters, Zara will not start school if I don't have some... PLEAZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll update soon



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