Friendship, Love, and Hardships

Livaira has made her fair share of bad decisions, but who hasn't? She's been loved and hated, but none of that matters to her. Join Livaira on her adventure of ever changing love.


3. Chapter 3

   At first, I hated everything about the town. I had no real friends, but eventually I talked a bit to a nice girl name named Nicole. Soon enough we became best friends, and she introduced me and Jace to her small group of friends.Over the next year most of us grew apart, but Nicole, Jace, Kara, and i never strayed. We would have movie/tv show marathons at either Nicole's house or me and Jace's. We had all been friends for about three years now and then I began drowning in sorrow again. In the last three years I had dated a few guys, but never gave most of them a second thought afterwards. Then once I hadn't dated anyone for about 10 months I began to realize that I had been noticing a certain person in particular... Kara. She had liked me in the past, but I was pretty sure those feelings were long gone. I had never really taken an interest in girls before so realizing that I had been making googly eyes at Kara for the last ten minutes in our Algebra class one day scared me. My family had always been big about religion, so I had to keep my thoughts to myself. Never discussing it with anyone. After I realized my own interest in Kara I basically clung to her, but at the same time I tried to keep my distance. Also during that time, I relapsed; not being able to agree with my own sexuality; out of my own denial. Kara became my weakness. She could say the littlest thing and I would break even more knowing I would never be that lucky girl that gets to call her mine. The more I broke, the more I cut. I got better at hiding it after the last time Jace caught me. This time I wasn't caught. I used to be thankful for that, but now I just wish someone would've noticed how broken I really was. 

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