Friendship, Love, and Hardships

Livaira has made her fair share of bad decisions, but who hasn't? She's been loved and hated, but none of that matters to her. Join Livaira on her adventure of ever changing love.


2. Chapter 2

        My name is Livaira Rose Mercer, and this, is my story.

   I was borne in Melbourne, Australia on May 27, 1996. I met Jace in preschool when I was 4. Jace's real last name is Aaron, and both his parents were really nice, but after they died and he moved in with us at the age of 7 he changed his last name to match ours. Jace and I became like siblings.

   We told each other everything... Until I got a new boyfriend. His name was Justin and he was 15. Me, only being 12, Jace didn't think Justin was a good idea. I knew he was right but being with Justin made me feel cool. That is, until I realized that he only wanted me for one thing, sex.

   He would try to make me with begging and gifts, but I wouldn't cave. I also didn't break up with him, He actually made me feel cool, popular. Eventually, he became forceful and I didn't want to put up with it, but I still didn't end the relationship. That was my first time cutting. I couldn't help it.

   At some point Justin must have realized I was no use to him because he broke up with me. Even if he did physically hurt me, I was still heartbroken. He may have left a huge scar down the front of my left shoulder, I had still thought I loved him. The cutting continued. About a week later, Jace walked in on me. I had been caught.

   He, of course, told my parents, and after that I was the disgraced child. They still say they love me, but I know they think badly of me. I mean really, what sane person cuts over a boy? My parents made me get help and I gradually stopped cutting.

                  Well, for then.

   After my counseling sessions were over my parents decided it would be better to get away from Melbourne and move. Little did I know they planned on moving to the other side of the world.

   Jace agreed to move with us and we both told our few friends in Melbourne goodbye. After about two weeks we had moved into a nice, big house. In Kenny, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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