Friendship, Love, and Hardships

Livaira has made her fair share of bad decisions, but who hasn't? She's been loved and hated, but none of that matters to her. Join Livaira on her adventure of ever changing love.


1. Chapter 1

    I feel nothing but my rage, anguish, and the short blessening feeling I get as the dull red scissors slit through my thigh and occasionally my left wrist. Yes, I cut, but can you blame me? All I ever feel is anger. When someone refuses to say thank you, when I can't find my phone, even when I can't sleep at night! The only thing that helps is to cut...

   So that's what I do, day after day. Cut after cut. I can't stop, no, actually, I won't stop. It stops my anger. Maybe only for a split second, but it helps. No matter how many scars it leaves I wont stop doing it.

   I think, that even if I wanted to, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from doing it. After I take a shower at night I lock myself in my room and just cut. I cut until I can't feel anymore. I tightly close my eyes as the sticky, red liquid seep out my skin. Then I just wipe it away like nothing happened.

   No one notices though. It's like my actual family doesn't even care anymore and everyone in my school is too self absorbed to notice anything. Only once recently has some one found out. Nicole, my best friend for 4 years was staring once, about a year ago. I looked to see where her gaze was and I realized she was staring at my wrist. This was one of the few times I had cut my wrist, it's to risky so I don't do it much. I tried to quickly cover my wrist, but it was already too late.

   "I already saw.."

   "I know..." It was the only thing I could get to come out.

   "What happened?... Why?..." She's always really careful about what she says.

   "Nothing... Just please, leave it alone." After that, she never brought it up again. Although I knew that every once in a while she would look at my wrists.

   Well, I guess I should tell you more about myself. My name is Livaira and I'm 17. I'm a senior in high school, with straight A's and already 2 scholarships. I have basically three main friends. Nicole, she is short and has black hair, Jace, he is really tall and has a quiff of brown hair, and Kara, She's about average height with long red hair. Another thing about Kara is she's a lesbian, but we don't mind because she's our friend and that's all that matters. We all live In Minnesota, but Jace and I are originally from Australia. With that being said Jace and I have been friends since I was 4 and after his parents died he moved in with us. At about 13 we moved here to Minnesota. Jace is already 18, but still lives with us. So he's more of a brother to me than a friend. And to be honest, I'm surprised he hasn't caught me yet.

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