5 Months of Summer.

This is a fan fiction about 5 Seconds of Summer (5Sos).
This is a story about a girl named Alex who unexpectedly runs into Luke Hemmings' (member of 5Sos) then they become friends but, Luke wants to be more than that, but he is to shy to confess his attractions. Alex, on the other hand, is also in love, but she doesn't think she has a chance with a perfect guy like Luke. They only have 5 months to be together though, because Luke has a tour coming up. Will one of them confess in time?

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1. Café.

 Alex Hemund, sixteen year old blonde headed freshmen, living in London, England since birth, was a middle class girl who was obsessed with Tumblr, selfies, and social media, oh and she always goes to Starbucks (she's obviously white), is going to fall in deep love with a band member, not just any band member, but Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer, a band who opens for the British/Irish pop band by the name of One Direction (you obviously know who One Direction is).

   The dismissal bell rings, meaning that Alex can finally go fetch that Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks that she has been craving since first period, she scrams right out of the library and hurries to the lobby. She texts her mum, informing her that she will be a bit late since Alex was stopping at Starbucks. Her mom replies to her, telling her that after she leaves the cafe, she needs to call her, and she also warns her not to spend too much allowance money. Once Alex is done using her phone she leaves and walks to her destination that is only two blocks away from the gigantic high school.

       Alex walks into Starbucks, feeling the relief of cool air conditioning touching her sweaty hot skin, she walks up to the register and waits a little bit for the talkative college student who is having a conversation with her manager to notice that she is waiting on her. "What can I help you with, sweetie?" She asks with a hint of a smile on her face, "oh, I'd like the Caramel Frappucino, large, and um... also a multi-grain bagel with cream cheese in the middle, please," Alex says, then the woman has a three minute conversation with Alex about how Alex is always here in the afternoons. Once that boring moment is over, Alex gets her order handed over and then hands over the money she owes. She turns around and the runs right in to Luke Hemmings, she accidentally spills one third of her drink on Lukes' 'Green Day' band t-shirt. 

   "Oh my god I'm so sorry!" She says, staring at the huge stain on the shirt, not being aware that she was standing in front of a popular band member, "oh, it's okay, it was an accident, I understand, it burns quite a bit though, but I'll be okay, I mean I've got a million of other band t-shirts," he says with his strong Australian accent. Alex looks up, and notices that his face seems very familiar, "you aren't from here are you? You sound Australian, pardon me if I'm wrong," she responds, "yeah, I'm full Australian, only reason I'm here is because I'm opening for the last One Direction show until five months, but I'll continue staying here for five months because the beginning of my next tour will be here in London, again, but it'll be me and the bands (5 Seconds of Summer's) first U.K. and America tour without opening for someone, I mean, I'm already nervous," He says and then laughs. Alexs' eyes widen, "You open for One Direction, you must be really special, I mean whoa... Oh! Do you need a piece of tissue paper? Please forgive my rudeness," she asks, he nods his head up and down and then she reaches for the tissue paper on the counter, she hands him one and he thanks her. "Would you like to sit down and have this conversation?" He asks while fumbling with the tissue paper, "Of course!" She says, thinking if they might become friends, and nervously but hopefully worrying if they might become more than that. She walks over to the booth and sits on the opposite side that Luke plops down on.

       "So-" he says whilst staring at Alexs' face, "are you much of a boy band fan?" He asks, Alex responds by shrugging her shoulders, "I'm more into punk music, and indie stuff, I mean I'm not like one of those girls who starts fandoms and buys every CD, accessory, perfume, and so on from a boy band, I'm more into The Ramones, The Cure, Led Zeppelin, and The Pixies, but they don't really release many accessories, and definitely no perfumes, oh! and I also love Green Day, I was going to tell you I liked your shirt earlier, but I forgot,I've been to six of their concerts," Alex says, while taking a sip from her delicious beverage.

        Luke just stares into Alexs' eyes for about 30 seconds, and then turns away, you can tell he is beginning to fall in love, especially because when he turns away he blushes while he giggles and apologizes for the awkward moment he had caused. She slowly turns her pupils to the side of the booth, thinking about how awkward it was that he just stared at her instead of simply responding, but she just accepted his darling apology. Alex still can't tell that he likes her, after him asking her if they could sit down to talk, after him gazing into her big blue eyes for a half of a minute, why can't she just realize that he must like her, why? Then he asks her "Well... what's your number? I mean we should hang out again some time, not like a relationship type of date but maybe me and and my friend Calum could hang out with you at Calums' or my house? You seem pretty cool-," Luke laughs, "-or maybe we could go to a Green day concert?" Alex smiles and laughs a tad bit, and then gives him her number. 

    Alex still can't tell that he is flirting with her.


|"Do you love me?" Alex asks while she's alone with Luke; Luke makes a nervous face and then gulps, he responds with his cheeks crimson red, since he was majorly blushing|


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